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EBAY K swap tucked harness NO SPARK fix.

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Shout out to @Lotus for helping guide me!
EDIT: Also I wanted to add, we are still using this harness with little problems. I ended up cutting and soldering in a factory connector to the crank sensor CKP and throttle pos sensor TPS. The connectors that come with this harness are junk and allow a break in contact intermittently because they fit loose causing insane stuttering/misfiring for the CKP and a bunch of throttle problems for the TPS. For others, this could affect other sensors, so it's up to you to figure if each connector is snug and monitor all data streams to make sure everything is functioning correctly, all the time. Keep this in mind if you do buy this harness, some do not have junkyards nearby.
If you have one of those eBay / china tucked harnesses and are not getting spark and or your radiator fan turns on after cranking then you need to swap pins 7 and 20 at the C101 connector. I also recommend buying a quality solid ground lug for 16ga wire with a 5/16 hole and replacing the ring terminal on the harness.
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