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Ok I thought I'd update a few people on the ratio numbers on there print outs so people know if they are getting given genorous numbers or not.

If the dyno is done in 3rd for some reason your ratio number should be
7.227 if you have an ITR tranny and the type S with ITR FD
6.658 if you have a type S tranny

Personally I beleive the runs should be in 4th giving the car a closer to 1:1 drive ratio. In which case you should have a ratio number of
5.773 for the ITR
5.465 for the 05 type S or a type S with the ITR FD
5.034 for the Type S

As for how much difference it makes I'm going to find out for sure on friday when I dyno my car. I will update this thread after my runs with some figures. I think it will have both higher power and torque figures but we will see for sure..

I have not worked out the ratio's for the 5.06 FD from the CRV as not many people use them yet.. But if you find the gear ratio's from the Gbox and mutilpe it by the FD thats your ratio number. Some people use the Speedo as the reference which in some of the conversions is a long way out.
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