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DTC Codes

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I got my car to start up yesterday. I have the K20A2 motor with a custom race header and the stock RSX rubber intake with a filter at the end. When I upload the base RSX or tuned program the car idles very high 1500-1700 RPM and surges back and forth. Any reason why this is happening? But when I upload the base RSX with cold air program the car idles very smooth between 750-850 RPM. I'm not sure which program is best suited for my setup. The only program that idles and runs well is the base RSX with cold air.

Also I'm getting DTC codes.

SERIAL COMMUNICATION LINK MALFUNCTION P0600...what causes this error and how can I disable it?

SECONDARY O2 CIRCUIT HEATER CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION P0141...what causes this error and how can I disable it? Could it be that I haven't install the wide band O2 sensor on the header when I started the car?

Would it cause any harm to the ECU or motor if OBDII funtions are disabled? Does the car run better and stronger with OBDII functions turned off? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.
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P0600 Is just saying that the OBDII scanner is losing it's connection with the ECU

P0141 Indicates a problem with the secondary O2 sensor heater circuit - not the primary wideband. Do you have it installed?

Disabling the OBDII functions will make no difference from a performance perspective. But you won't see problems unless you plug in a scan tool.
VTEC should still engage. I've run my engine without the primary O2 sensor and VTEC still engaged. One cause of non-engagement is a faulty VTEC oil pressure sensor.
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