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I just finished my k20/k24 build but am having some serious drive line issues. When i first drove the car after we put the engine back in it was awful...clicking and clacking and bumping and rubbing...but we soon found that was due to a passenger side mount which had ripped in half somewhere along the way. We replaced the 2 side mounts with a set of Innovative 75a mounts but the front and rear monts are going to have to wait until i can get it back in the shop on a lift. Took it for few more test drives to see if anything had changed and at first yes it was much better but it steel feals rough and out of wack. The third time i had it out it seemed to have all but gone away until i took a left turn and bam it was back just not so bad.

This all leads me to believe that i now have an axle problem...possibly half shaft bearing?...but after searching a few threads ive seen where different motor mounts have thrown peoples drive line angles off...Could this be it? I havnt been under the car yet to check my axles but when we first got everything rolling and the problem came about everything looked fine because it was a mount that initially caused it...Im pretty lost with this one and i was wandering if someone could point me in the right direction...
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