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drag racing suspension

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okay, remember that this is a daily driver as well and I take it to the strip every now and then. I need a good suspension setup b/c the #1 coilovers and stock shocks arnt cutting it at all. I want to be able to hook at the track. What do i need? money is kinda an object too. I was thinking skunk 2 drag springs in the rear and SOME brand of shocks and springs for the front. I would prefer coilovers all around b/c I want to run a 235/60/15 mickey thompson et street radial tire.
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I run the omnipower drag coilover setup. It uses their regular coilovers up front (10k springs I think) and I believe 18k springs in the rear. Also running orijin solid bushings in the front lower control arms which helped alot with wheel hop. The car launches really well now. A few of my friends that are really hardcore drag racers have driven it and said its the best car they've ever felt on the launch. It's pretty stiff on the street though. I guess it just depends on your tolerance. I daily drive it about 500 miles per week...
I strongly advice against running limit straps on a street car...

the Omni coilovers have a really short stroke anyway so there's not much droop travel in the front, and with the 18k rear spring the car doesn't squat at all anyway...
I got the Omnipower drag combo from (awesome seller btw): said:
Omni Power USA Drag Racing Spec Full Coilovers
Drag Racing Spec Bump/Rebound Settings
CNC Wound SAE 9254 18K Racing Springs
Fully Adjustable Height Up To 4"
Aluminum Upper Pillow Mounts Included
Large 46mm Pistons
You Will Experience Better Off The Line Traction w/ 60ft Times Decreased Up To .2 - .3 Seconds

2 Rear Drag Coilovers
2 Front Coilovers (10k) 12k available by request

Drag Spring Rates are 18k
Front Spring Rates are 10K

Honda Civic (All Models) 1992-95
Honda Civic (All Models) 1996-00
Acura Integra (All Except Type R) 1994-01
Acura Integra (Type R) 1997-01
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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