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drag racing suspension

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okay, remember that this is a daily driver as well and I take it to the strip every now and then. I need a good suspension setup b/c the #1 coilovers and stock shocks arnt cutting it at all. I want to be able to hook at the track. What do i need? money is kinda an object too. I was thinking skunk 2 drag springs in the rear and SOME brand of shocks and springs for the front. I would prefer coilovers all around b/c I want to run a 235/60/15 mickey thompson et street radial tire.
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thats what I was planning on buying. Its a killer price for the quality. i want the drag coilovers. I need new lower ball joints b/c mine are 100% gone and I need an alignment and i will be doing great. I just want to be able to launch like a SOB even with street tires, even looked into making my own limit straps.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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