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Drag Cartel Drop In Camshafts are now in stock. These camshafts make 10+ Horsepower thru out the entire powerband and torque increase as well thru the entire powerband. The Drag Cartel Drop In Camshafts require ZERO modifications to the factory valvetrain in the K20z3 Engine. They will simply go in and make more power. I personally did some of the initial testing and dyno's and saw gains of about 6hp thruout my midrange and 12 peak horsepower revving my K20z3 Engine to 8400RPMS. Supporting mods were Vibrant Catted Race Header, Vibrant Exhaust and Injen Short Ram Intake.

*** Here are some specifications on the Camshaft ***

Click Here to Order -

Intake Camshaft
Intake Low Speed Lobe: Duration 250° / (9.6 mm lift)
Intake High Speed Lobe: Duration 295° / (12.7mm lift)
Exhaust Low Speed Lobe: Duration 243° / (8.4 mm lift)
Exhaust High Speed Lobe: Duration 288°/ (12.00 mm lift)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Cards. Installation is $350 with an additional if needed $250 for tuning. We only tune on Hondata Flashpro for the 2006-2010 Civic Si and Kpro/AEM for all other K-Series Powered Applications. Any questions please ask. Please place your orders online thru our site with the link provided.

Import DPS
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