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Done with my Swap, HASPORT mount kit made it super easy

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sup guys, i finally got my swap in, took me a whole day to do everythin and get teh started up and driving on our first try. The Hasport mount kits made it so much more easier and i couldnt beleive the quality of the mounts. I dont care if this mount kit cost slightly more than other companies, this mount set is solid and it comes with all instructions on how to drop in the motor. I heard people complaining about oil pan clearance being too low--- well, from what i see and from what the guys at Access MOtorsports saw, there wasnt any oil pan clearance issues, slightly lower than b-series but nothign to worry about at all. Easy Swap... anybody whos done abseries can do it with no problems at all...... USing Hondata K-Pro made it even easier, the only problem i ran into was freaken headers, i judt didnt have one so i just used the first piece of the header off of a type s and then chopped off the flange and it cleared the rack. Custom header is being made by Hytech exhaust right now... Im only gonna get the best parts now. The motor pullls HAAAARDD>>>. i cant explain how this motor runs.. and its not even tuned technically speaking..I spanked a built gsr in an eg bad...... here are hte pictures if htey work...
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Thats badass......... I just got my k20 yesterday and cant wait to drop it in. Post some more pictures. :D
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