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For any of you with IMRC woes (or those who just want to run a different IM w/o k-pro) you may find the following helpful.

Over the past year (12,000 miles) I've been running an IRMC Delete/bypass circuit (simple relay switched voltage divider) that I created since it was cheaper then fixing the actual IMRC issues.

The circuit can be made in under an hour with a soldering iron and $11 in parts from amazon, ebay, radioshack or other electronic component retailers.

Circuit Diagram:

IMRC Circuit MOD1 (based off schematic above):

TSX IM installed on my 2002 RSX Base auto k20a3 (I believe I am the first!):

I'm currently looking to source compatible plugs for the IMRC emulator for direct plug and play installation, if anyone has any tips on where to find the 2-pin solenoid plug and 3-pin IMRC sensor plug please do tell!

For more info, my original thread is on CRSX here:
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