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Ok my JRSC got a piece of valve, and piston stuck in it, and after conferring with the shop that is going to re-coat and port the s/c i took it apart.

You will need a 10 mm socket, pry bar, rag, rubber or plastic mallet, flat head screw driver(small), and a strong stomach due to the smell of the S/C Oil.

First: Mark the snout with a marker for alignment.

2: remove the bolts around the snout, and prepare to dump the oil out. i sat the S/C in a bucket

3: I took a pry-bar and took a rag to protect the finsh on the S/C and pryed in as you see in the pic.

4: once the you have pryed it a little loose you should be able to get a grip on it .
DO NOT PULL ON THE PULLEY, as you will destroy the snout bearings. after its off it should look like this.

5: now that snout is off you need to take your time and work with the rotor asy.
i took a mallet, and a piece of wood, and tapped VERY Lightly on the bearing cups on the intake side. Once i got a gap i took a small flat head screwdriver and tapped it into the gap here:

Once you get it in TWIST not pry, and the rotor asy should pop up like this:

6: Remove the rotor asy. holding it like pictured below. and your done.

More pics of mine:

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