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Hey guys,
Ok so if any one read any of my posts a little while back, my current plans are to save and look for a used JDM k20A in about 2 1/2 - 3 years. Reason being, is that in that time I will be given a 2003 RSX from my parents. Unfortunately, its an auto and the base model. No complaints really, 160hp is still fun and itll be a 3 year old car im getting for free! Eitehr way, I figured if I could work and save enough I would purchase a front clip on a DC5 Integra Type-R and swap the engines and do a auto to 6-spd conversion.
Well I WAS going to wait 3 years till I did my shopping, but I found a seller claiming to be selling a DC5 front clip with the K20A for only 1000.00. Thats about 5-6 times less than ive seen the full engine swaps, let alone a front clip. So im kinda sceptacle as to weather or not its an actual JDM K20A in the car, or a K20A2 or K20A3 with a red JDM vavle cover bolten on. (you can buy the actual JDM valve cover for about $30 off the net, and bolten on, unless you know what your looking for, could easily pass as an actual JDM K20A)

So before I go crazy and start dancing to find such a great deal, I figured id make sure 100% is eauthentic!

So my question is, to you guru's of the K20 motors, what visible differences are there between the JDM k20 and a USD version?

Obvisously the valve cover, red compared to silver, but what else? I know the JDM intake manifold is better, is there a visible distinciton between it and one from either of the USD K20 engines??

anything like intake shape, or perhaps if I requested the VIN #, would any particualr numbers or letters within the VIN indicate that it's from the JDM market??

Thank-you in advanced and any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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