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Dissapointment with hasport header

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Hasport being one of the leaders in mount kit technology and have one of the best mount kits in the world has dissapionted me with the EG/EK/DC header. So one of my customers ordered one and i took it out the box for the first time. The flange ported are all off. round and oval and smaller and out of round then the head port. The welds are crap. DC has production headers and look better then that. The collector has many indentations and ripples and the inside of the collecter is horrible. If anyone is looking to buy this header think 2 twice before you buy it. The DC is a much better header or spend the extrs $ few hundred dollars and get a R CREW or something. I own a bussiness but my profit is not the main concern. Quailty parts and customer satifaction is priority.
Cusotmer looked at it and didnt buy it oh well. :roll: this is why you need to take deposits :x
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nikos said:
About 2 months ago, I had a header test lined up with hytech, dtr, hasport, k20eg, true race and tsx headers. Needless to say the test never took place for a few reasons.
:cry: sorry NIKOS :cry: wish we could've seen how all the headers did
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