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If you would like to contribute, just post it up. Show us what you got too, pics are what we need the most:up:
If you need pics hosted/resized, PM me.

2002-2003 RSX FSM -sspem2 <<<<Right Click, Save As :up:
Or you can buy it here

More FSM's here: CLICK ME!

Even MORE FSMs here


Be sure to check out these great write-ups from fellow members

  • Swaps

Where To Buy a K20A? -lucky_marco_55

I want to use an 07 Si (K20Z3) motor and tranny for my swap... -matt96ex

Where To Buy Swap Parts? -Vendor Section

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EKK1 vs EKK2 FAQ -drhonda

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DA swap information? -JDM809

  • Engine

Honda/Acura Part Number List

Which o2 sensor can I use?

Which spark plugs do I use? -chameleon

What Crank Pulley should I use? -suprfast

Type S head ..... uses dual valve springs? -amwerx

What are the differences in the K20 throttle bodies? -nikos

What is the difference? K20A vs F20C -duckmanEG

What is the difference? K20A2/K20A3 blocks -ventuli

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...and the K20Z3? -matt96ex

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K-Series shifter cables compatible??? -BORN-EK

Official oil pan ground clearance & Axle angle PICTURE Thread! - Fuster_Cluck

What header is best for me? Let's chat Header Design, Fabrication and Terminology 101 -Ekasey

Putting head on block / lubrication head studs -nikos

What is the recommended max safe boost on a K20/K24? -boostedGSR-Si

Nitrous setups -JasonMann

Loopy Idle? -Tommy

Teach me about injectors

How do I use RDX injectors (pn:16450-RWC-A01) on my K20/24? -geoscranny84

Information on 3 pulley setup! -Droppedcrxsi

Type S Valve Spring Seat Differences? -JustinD

Valve stem, Retainer/Cotter? Which do I use? -Theta

What is the revised keeper/retainer design on 04-06 heads? -rsxmachine

How to recognize Type R cams -supafly

06 TSX cam vs DC5R cam comparison pics inside! -katman

How do K24A1 (CRV) rods compare to K24A2 (TSX) -Scourge

S2000 piston vs TSX piston in K24 block, look and see... -98specR

K20A2 Baffled Oil Pan Suggestions? -kommon_sense

Modified S2000 oil pump general info from ERL -carl

S2000 oil pump-windage tray? -SchueString Racing

oil pan/oil pump/engine block compatibility list -k20eg6

K20 vs K24 oil pan and dipstick -StErN

A1/2/3/4 vs K20Z3 oil pump -talonxracer

Delete Heater Core? -jenkinsK

Retain Heater Core? -Scourge

  • Transmission

Clutches: types, materials, and components. -xproductionz

Correcting improper clutch geometry -talonxracer

Shift cable doesn't reach on trans? -Paul1985

Shift Arm Interchangeability -PapiTuyo326

What is an LSD and what does it do?

What is the difference between the 02-04 and 05-06 VSS? -Hondata

Some info/help needed with 05 speedo -AwdEi

LSD Install problems...I can't seem to get the tranny cover back on? -2000Accord5sp

OEM Honda axles? -C-speed

  • Body/Chassis

How do I install Shifter & cables? Install pics here - Progger

How do I install the shifter box...what are the differences? -Karcepts

What mods are needed to make the Karcepts mounting kit fit in a Del Sol? -Karcepts

What mods are needed to make the Karcepts mounting kit fit the EF chassis? -Karcepts

What will my Engine Bay look like? Where do the wires go in a tuck? -nikos

  • Electronics/Wiring

List of Shops/People for Tuning

AEM vs Hondata: the rumors, the difference, the truth -DWCHKYPMP20

What ECU's can be K-pro'd? -Hondata

What are the differences? -Hondata

Manual RSX VS Auto RSX engine harnesses -H2nr

RSX Type S k20a type r ECU PINOUT -nikos

How do you street tune? How do you use K-pro? -Hondata

Can someone explain to me the values of the VTC on K-pro???? -chunky`

2005 Type-S ECU Pin-Out Help -eK24monster

K-Pro Tuning and FAQ, TONS OF INFO -conrad

KPro & ECU questions answered -GST2RSX-S

Where do I drill to tuck my main harness? -StErN

Post your Wire tucks/ battery fuse box locations -tibbie 03

Cool DIY-------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Swaps

K20a2 into 95 Vx build - Over 1,000 working pics - Fuster_Cluck

How-To: K20 into 92-00 Civic/Integra -poison

DIY K20 Swap into a 1988-1991 CRX/Civic (EFK1 Hasport Mounts) -CRXBart

K24A2 into 1992-1995 Civic (EGK1 Hasport Mounts). Tech Questions Asked/Answered Here -litterbox

98 Civic EX K20 Swap (EKK2 Hasport Mounts 1996-2000 Civic) -kommon_sense

K20A2 EK Swap (EKK1 Hasport Mounts 1996-2000 Civic) Parts List, Pictures, Manual Conversion and Writeup in Progress -boost me

K20 EK9 complete build (Hybrid Mounts) -TypeOne

DIY: K20/K24 Swap into a 2001-2005 Civic (ESK1 Hasport Mounts) -xproductionz

  • Engine

Install a Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket -Rallyeman

How to lock VTC at 50 degrees -DCK24

A brief tour of how to check clearances in your motor -chunky`

HOW TO INSTALL CAMS by K -rsxmachine

Supercharger + Nitrous: A Users Guide -Oside Jimc

How to Build a block : Excellent Info -Jeff Evans

DIY: Modify K-Series Injectors to flow 490cc and 520cc -xproductionz


DIY: How to make fuel lines -blue92da

Reusing the stock fuel rail fitting - [How To: Pic intensive] -Froth

Use TSX mani on a K24A1 -Froth

How To: Electro Hydraulic Power Steering -Rubber Chicken

How to take off the K20 Intake Manifold -sspem2

In-Car Headswap, Semi How-To. K24/20 Frank -Froth

P/S into K20 EG Writeup -Karcepts

P/S into K20 EK Writeup -drhonda

DIY: Oil Catch Can for Under 20 Bucks -98specR

DIY:K-Series Camshafts Installation -rsxmachine

K24a2 meets Type S Oil Pump w/pics -suprfast

  • Transmission

How to convert a 05-06 to 02-04 -SuperThanh

Type-R LSD install into EP3 tranny -2000Accord5sp

DIY:Transmission Rebuild 6Speed Picture Thread -palmerblock

DIY: Turn a 5 spd transmission into a 6 spd transmission -nikos and FearlessDSM

How-To: Element 6 speed conversion -rhurt

DIY: Install a B-series LSD into an K-series 6spd

  • Body/Chassis

05-06 RSX Taillight Convesion HOW TO + Part List. Visual Guide -Reactionsi

DIY: Polished RBC -talonxracer

How To: sound deadening material removal -suprfast

Energy Suspension Installed w/Grease Zerks -sevndustn

My brake system write-up. get comfortable. -blackEK

How to put "X" brakes on your car -BrakeExpert

  • Electronics/Wiring

Must Read If You Want DIY Wiring!!! -SuperThanh

DIY: Coolant sending unit with Kpro -Paul1985

Injector Resistor Box Install Guide -Oside Jimc

How to listen to your knock sensor to listen for REAL vs FAKE knock -Razathorn

DIY Det Can w/free Freq Analyzer Software -Tsumetai_Kokoro

Theroswitch and Temperature Sending Unit -Karcepts

DIY: Wire Tuck!!! -SVOboy @

Simple wiring harness write-up for EG -kazino42

How to repin the K24A2 and K24A4 CRK sensor for the K20 Engine Harness -2000Accord5sp

HOW TO: Making a "Secondary Key" Anti-Theft Device -Froth

Frank Info-----------------------------------------------------------------------


Timing chain experiences 101 -chameleon

K20-K24 Frank Build -Thang

Which Head Studs to use? -SinisterCivicSi

The Definitive K20/24 Sensor Comparison -Froth

Water pump differences.... (k20a2/k24a2) clarified -HotWheelz

K24/K20a2 head- which water pump to use? -SiFreak

Port on the K24A2/K20Z3 head? -null

Difference between TSX and RSX-S Head? -highrevnef

oil pan/oil pump/engine block compatibility list -k20eg6

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