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My email is [email protected] email me with offers, I will be taking offers through out this weekend and next week. If I dont get any resonable offers I will most likely keep the set up. Its not that this set up is no good, its just that I recently got a Mazda Millenia that I will be using for "the pimp ride" and my sol is on the operating table getting ready to go fast. Id like to sell all of this together, although I'd be willing to peice out the enclosure and the trunk set up. BTW I know for a fact that one of the subs is broken, Im not too sure about the other 2 so im thinking I might just give those away to whoever I sell the enclosure too if they want them. The subs in there now are 10.5" Lanzars. So you'd need to make a small modification to fit 10"'s in there. You also need to shave about a quorter inch off of the bottem/middle of the rear panel just above the enclosure where the middle sub comes up a bit.

The bigger looking amp is The OptiDrive 100.4 is a four-channel amp rated at 50 watts x 4 or 180 watts x 2 into 4 ohms. Features include gold-plated connections, internal crossovers with variable cutoff frequency, and selectable post crossover line outputs. The amp’s beefy brushed anodized aluminum heatsink features tasteful black and gold accents.

The smaller looking amp is 800 Watts x 1 @ 1 ohm Extremely Fast Switching Power Circuits Super High Current Output Stages Using Multiple High Current Mosfets Independent 24 dB Per Octave Hi & Low Pass Crossovers Wired Bass Jack Adjustable Gain Control Variable Bass Control 4 Inputs Mixed to Mono For/FrontRear Fading Variable Phase Shift Variable Base Boost Dimensions: 10.8"W x 2.97"H x 9.8"L

-Lanzar E15 15 Band Half/Full Octave Stereo Equalizer

-Lanzar X10 10Channel Trunk Mount Crossover

-Holding all of the trunk components together is a bar that bends around the perimeter of the trunk and then has podiems for the xover and eq to stand on and another bar with platforms for the two amps to sit on.

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