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DC5R parts(Brembos, Knuckles, LCAs, etc), K20a2 head, OEM shifter cables,

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First up is my Freshly powder coated DC5R Brembos with new stickers(assembled as of 1/27), i have everything to put them together just havent assembled them yet, no rush to sell them, if i can get what i want outta them I would rather put the money into some other parts.

knuckles are still FS. LCAs and sway bar are SOLD

OEM shifter cables

Brembos $650 shipped and assembled(calipers are assemble and ready to ship as of 1/27) :p If you want the Brembos, knuckles and LCAs, i can make you a SICK deal.

Knuckles have good wheel bearings from what i can tell, ball joints are good also, $100 shipped/each obo, have both

K20a2 Head again pm me if your serious, one valve seat has very minor damage(can be fixed), i will supply a pic asap. SOLD

Shifter cables $150 shipped

some stuff is best offer, worst i can say is no, or ignore you if you lowball.

still have cam gears, intake cam gear is a rbc, also have intake valves, exhaust valves, full set of sprigs and retainers all best offer


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Bump for nice parts :up:
Thanks man, heard I might be meeting you the day before IA. Gonna try and come down early and get in on the dyno if there is time.
would love to have those brembos!!! and thats 650 with everything to slap them on??
would love to have those brembos!!! and thats 650 with everything to slap them on??
yes, i have all the pistons, seals, everything. I dont have any plans other than watching some football tomorrow, if you are serious pm me and i can put them together tomorrow and send you pics.
Bump for my homie :hi:
Willing to sell just the rocker assembly?
for the right price, pm me an offer

Bump for my homie :hi:
thanks sir :wave:
i too can vouch for this dude :) :up:
rocker assembly sold to ^^^

up top
still have the bare A2 head and pm me how much
Pm'd back... A lot of pm's, money talks
130 for shiftcables?
Pm'd you the other day, haven't heard anything.
up top, want a turbo.... reasonable offers??
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