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dc5r cams, aem intake

just gauging intrest. lookin to get a set of bc2's

basically dc5r cams got the motor from hmotors.
had roughly 36000 km on it. thats somewhere around 24 to 25k miles. probably put a little over 15k miles since.

dont have pics cause there at my friends house a long with the rest of my engine parts. but everyone knows what they look like. just the cams btw.....

dont really buy or sell here(or any other forum for that matter) so i have no vouches.

but you can pm POISON or the THEONE on here. also look at ebay account 99k20teg. dont sell on there. but i got a really good buying record

just takin offers now. no rush to sale, dont really have to sell, but if they do get sold thats good.

made 231whp with these stock R i/h/3in exhaust on hybrid-garage's dyno. will include tuned map as well if someone buys. use it as a good base map to tweak on.

shoot some offers. will also trade for cams. lemme know what you got

also got
aem swap intake

thats it brand new not to much different now.
shoot offer

99gsr gauge cluster
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