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It was in Moscow
DC5 roll on race with 2 GTR, 1st stock - near DC5, 2th black GTR - chiptunned

specs of this DC5:
pistons - CP 9:1
connecting rods - Scat
Clutch/Flywheel - Competition stage 5
Head studs - ARP
ECU - Hondata K-Pro
Injectors -1000cc
Oil Cooler
Cylinder Sleeves - Blueprint( Part Number: BPM-M1-K24 )
Valves/Springs/Retainers - Skunk2 Pro Series
Turbo manifold - Full-Race
Turbine - Garrett GT35R

If you can read Russian :) then you can read about this DC5 here:

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I was gonna say there was at least one GTR in that vid that the Honda couldn't keep up with...
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