I was trying to do an ITR rear brake upgrade on the cheap, but ran into a snag I don't want to deal with. I recently purchased the following items:

1Beck Arnley084-1292

These are kinda rare parts, and I purchased them as "rebuilt" but they're apparently "new" parts. Anyways, I didn't realize my issue until after I spent like 7 hours prepping and painting them with the POR 15 paint kit, but I can't return them at this point. For more details about the fitment issue, see here.

I'm not a painter, but the job is adequate to keep em from looking rusty. Here's how they look:
Rectangle Shipping box Font Box Gas

They have the required e-brake cable bracket added, as well as fresh pad hardware. They were installed on my car for about 45 minutes until I noticed that there's an oddity with the hose attachment:
Automotive tire Tire Bicycle part Wheel Bicycle

I verified that neither StopTech, Goodridge, Russell, nor Chase Bays lines will clear this setup. It seems like the lip would either need to be ground off or lines like the stock (or stock-like) rubber ITR lines (which have a longer straight section after the banjo) would be needed for them to fit.

Anyone itching for an ITR rear brake upgrade and willing to deal with the aforementioned challenge to fit em up on the cheap? They're not Nissin calipers, but they are new.

Anyways, if you want them please let me know and I can calculate the shipping cost.