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Every Item is brand new NEVER used.
Only use paypal and ship to verified addresses.

OEM Honda Throttle Cable for K-Swapped Vehicles- $15 shipped
Honda Part Number - #17910-S01-G03

Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator (6AN) - $152 shipped

EG/DC Hybrid Racing K20 Swap Wiring Harness- $325 shipped

Hybrid Racing K-series Clutch Line Conversion for 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra $100 shipped

Hybrid Racing Fuel Line Kit for K-swaps $225 shipped

Hybrid Racing Fuel Rail for K-swaps $145 Shipped

Hybrid Racing Black Radiator Hose Insert $35 shipped

Honda Thermo Unit $36 shipped
Part - #37750-PH2-014

Honda Coolant switch Fan $52 shipped
Part - #37760-P00-004

K-Tuned K Series RBC Swap Air Intake $180 Shipped

K-Tuned K Series Swap A/C P/S Eliminato $180 Shipped

Karcepts K20 Swap RSX Shifter Relocation Kit $136 shipped

Karcepts EG Radiator and Reserve Tank Relocation Kit $30 shipped

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I am located in Baltimore, Maryland

Pics, you can see the one spot I started to repolish it, then I ran out of polish and never had time to finish it. It is really easy to do and looks nice. No rust, as in it's stainless steel.

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