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Ctr-Almere aka Sander from the Netherlands

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Hey All.

My name is Sander, I am 24 years old I’m form the Netherlands and drive a h22 ej9.

Well currently it’s an D15z6 ej9 since my h22 broke down a couple of months a go. The car borke down on me on the freeway and I had to tow it back home.. When I pulled the head of the H22 I discovered some scratches in de Cil 2 and 3. At first I wanted to sleeve the block because honing was not an option since the H22 has FRM cylinder wall’s, but that ended up costing about 4k for the rebuild (even when I would put it back together myself..) So for the sake of driving I got the old engine of Hoffy (thanks mate) who’s currently swapping a K20. So we swapped the D15 in my EJ and I’m currently selling the H22 in bits.. Not sure what I am gonna do, but I know I need at least 200hp because the D15 is not doing it form me.. I’m grateful that I can drive my car again but overtaking on the freeway is an agony… the D15 just doesn’t have any power... So I will probably end up swapping a B18 or K20 or something like that. More on that in this thread later.

Some history:

My first car was a 2002 NHB EP3. Up to that point it really was my dream car and it drove exactly like it should. A the time the Type-R was the only car that we had and my Girlfriend had to travel allot for work so we had to sell the EP3. We ended up trading it for a 2010 ford Fiesta, I thought at first the lag of HP wouldn’t bother me but boy was I wrong….

My next car was an original dutch Bracelona green EE9 (pretty special in Holland since there were only 40 barca green ee9 delivered to holland in the first place of witch I believe only 20 remane) with a B18C in it. This was a very nice car because the previous owner had prepared it for use on the Nürnbergring. It had a 282/282 brake setup, all energy suspension bushings. Strutbar front and rear upper en lower, front and rear swaybar + ASR subframe brace. in short, a nice little skelter. Eventually I decided to sell her because rust blisters formed on the rear wheel arches in combination with the fact that she had already been built by someone else and I wanted to build my own car.

And so I bought my current EJ9. 1997 bone stock and no rust. I wanted to swap a H22 because in holland you don’t see them very often (looking at it in retrospect I know why..). So I started looking for a swap and after not to long I stumbled up on a JDM H22a OBD1 (closed deck) which wasn’t to expensive so I decided to take a look. The engine was still in the car so I took it for a spin and I was sold the torque was amazing. So I started negotiating about the price and ended up buying the whole car… So my project begun we pulled the engine of the BB1 en swapped it in the EJ9. After that I stripped the BB1 and brought it to a junkyard. The front seats I put in the EJ9. And the rest was sold in bits. Along the way I started to modify the EJ9 to my taste. So I bought a EK9 carpet and EK9 rear seats, installed electric windows, facelift taillights, black housed the headlights and lowered it. I’m not near finished with the car and will be posting my updates along the way.

I post some pictures in my next post.

Verstuurd van mijn GT-P5100 met Tapatalk
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