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I've done some searching and I didn't come up with anyone keeping their cruise control in a k swapped vehicle, which leads me to believe it's either not easily possible or people don't care enough to keep it. I've got a 99 SI and I'm looking for a way to keep cruise control in it for long trips. I know that the cruise control is set up a bit differently in newer honda vehicles that come equipped with K series motors.

I believe in a k series car (RSX and the like) the cruise control throttle cable connects directly to the throttle cable, giving the car two throttle cables essentially. In older hondas, like my 99 ek, the cruise control cable connects directly to the throttle pedal, which controls the main throttle cable. To maintain speed, or accelerate/decelerate, the cruise control unit simply changes tension on the throttle peddle directly, which in turn changes the tension on the throttle body cable indirectly.

With this in mind, it seems like it should be extremely easy to maintain cruise control in a k swapped vehicle. Simply keep/add the cruise control components for the respective chassis, and have the cruise control unit operate the pedal, and the cruise will act exactly as it would if the car had the original engine. The thing I don't know, and can't really figure out, is what tells the cruise control unit what speed to maintain, and what it needs to do to maintain that speed (accelerate/decelerate). Is the cruise unit connected to the ecu in some way? If so, I'm not sure which pin and wire would connect it to the ecu.

So my questions are:

-Is maintaining cruise in a k swapped vehicle as simple as just leaving the normal components on the vehicle that already has cruise control, or would I have to add the RSX components to the car to make the cruise control function like it would in an RSX?

-What controls the Cruise control unit? Does it simply control itself, where does it get the speed signal from? Or is it controlled by the ecu and that's where it gets it's speed signal from?

-Is keeping cruise control in a k swapped car even doable? Has anyone done it? Links?

If it turns out no one is familiar with this, then I suppose I could just try it and see if it works. I'd just like to know ahead of time if I need to buy anything extra to make it work, or if I'd just be wasting my time all together. Thanks guys.

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The cruise control unit receives information about
operating conditions from the brake switch, the
vehicle speed sensor (VSS), and the clutch switch
(manual transmission) or the A/T gear position
switch (automatic transmission). The cruise control
unit then sends signals to the cruise control actuator
which regulates the throttle position to maintain the
selected speed. The control unit compares the
actual speed of the car to the selected speed. The
control unit then uses the result of that comparison
to open or close the throttle.

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Okay, that makes sense. My question is, where does the cruise control unit get's it's information regarding the vehicles speed; where does the VSS connect to the cruise unit to verify that the actual speed matches the selected speed, and what tells the cruise control unit what the selected speed is? Basically, is the ecu involved at all in the cruise control operation?

I need to dig out a wiring diagram and study how the cruise control unit is wired up.

*EDIT: Looking through some wiring diagrams, it doesn't appear that the ECU, or things on the engine wiring side affect the cruise control at all. The cruise control system has it's own brain, and I'm not sure but I think it get's it's VSS input from the cluster/under dash wiring side, and not the ecu side. If this is the case, the function of the swapped chassis cruise control should function regardless of what engine/ecu it has. So, a b-series cruise control should work on a k-series motor, in theory.

Has anyone kept their cruise control in a K swapped vehicle.

Thanks for your help ReDeMoN.

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Just found this thread that verifies that it can be done. Guess I didn't search hard enough the first time.

Now I have another question regarding the same topic. The EK cruise control is an eye sore, even more so than the eg/dc cruise control actuators. The EK uses a vacuum controlled actuator, so it needs vacuum lines and a vacuum canister (may see about deleting the canister and seeing what happens).

I'm wondering if it's possible to swap over the cleaner simpler actuator from an eg. I cross referenced the part numbers between the EK, EG, and DC cruise control unit brains, and they each have different part numbers. I'm not really sure why the DC and EG CC brains would need to be different since they use the same actuator, but there must be a reason. I wish I had someone nearby with either a DC or EG with cruise control so I can look at the plugs and everything to see if they will plug right into EK wiring.

If it's not doable, I guess I'll just have to get creative and come up with a better way to clean up the cruise control set up and hide some things.

EDIT: So I played around with my cruise control a bit today, and I was able to delete the little vacuum canister and the cruise control still worked fine. That's a couple of extra hoses and the vacuum canister itself I can lose and not have to worry about hiding to make it look clean. I still wish the EK actuator was small and simple looking like the EG one though.

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I know I am 10 years late to the discussion but I have not found this information anywhere on the net. I used Alldata to source schematics and compared them. Here are my findings. This should match 96 - 98 civics. This will require eg/dc CC computer and eg/dc CC actuator. I am using a 95 GSR CC computer. If I got anything wrong please speak up. Original txt document attached

92 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------97
pin - color
1 brn/wht (integra brn/red - cc clutch (cc act clutch) ----------------- brn - act sol power
2 gray - brake (nc) ------------------------------------------------------------same
3 blk - gnd ----------------------------------------------------------------------same
4 grn/wht - brake (no) -------------------------------------------------------same
5 lt grn/reg - dec signal -----------------------------------------------------same
6 lt grn/blk - acc signal ------------------------------------------------------same
7 blu - rpm in -----------------------------------------------------------------*not in manual, assumed same
8 brn (integra brn/wht) - lim swtch high---------------------------------brn/wht - act vent sol - gnd
9 red/blu - cc ind light ------------------------------------------------------same
10 brn/blk - lim swtch low -------------------------------------------------same - act vac sol - gnd
11 blk/yel - ignition ---------------------------------------------------------*not in man, assumed same
12 yel/blu - vss --------------------------------------------------------------same, but blu/wht
13 lt grn - control power --------------------------------------------------same
14 pink - clutch pedal input - disengage ------------------------------same

CC MODULE TO CC ACTUATOR WIRING (all cc act wiring same)
cc mod -> 1 brn/wht -> 12 brn/wht -> 4 wht -> cc act clutch ------------------(97 pow -- 1 brn -> brn -> 4 wht)
cc mod -> 8 brn -> 10 brn -> 3 brn -> cc act lim switch ------------------------(97 vent sol -- 8 br/w -> br/w -> 3 brn)
cc mod -> 10 brn/blk -> 11 brn/blk -> 2 blu -> cc act lim switch --------------(97 vac sol -- 10 brn/blk -> brn/blk - >2 blu)

switch pin 1 brn with pin 8 brn/wht EDIT: ??? second look appears no differences???

all wiring same


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