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Well I just got home. The install took way longer than it should have. Two full days to be exact. I was suppose to be at the shop to tune the car at 12:00 noon today. But I did not arrive until 6:00 P.M. The cams were still being put in the car. Once I arrived at the tuning shop it was early in the evening, so not lot of tuning could be done. He just adjusted the air, fuel with the car on the dyno. But the car needs a lot of tuning. We did a base run dyno on November 17, 2004. Before the cams, spring, retainers, NGK plugs 8 and JDM ITM were installed. The car was at 200.5 HP and 150.9 Torque. But very smooth at this HP all through the power band. Know flat spots. Once I drove away from the shop with the cams in the car, it drove like shit. When it hit Vtec, it just bogged. I felt really slow. And the cams are noisy, much louder than stock. However, on the dyno after just a little tuning, the numbers looked much different. One run we saw over 230 HP and the torque hit mid 160's. But the HP is all over the place. Nothing is official yet, I have to go back and get fully tuned and dyno it completely. On the drive home, the car really pulls hard. But it is not smooth. So I don't want to give any recommendation until it is running perfect. As it seems the cams look good, but wait until I give a full review. The car has one huge flat spot at about 4000 to 5500 RPM. But 6500 RPM to 8000 pulls smooth and hard again. It does not seem to be making power after 8200 RPM. After 8200 RPM it drops in power. Might just be a tuning issue. The power band is fluctuating immensely. We are going to call Crower and Hondata on Monday for some feed back. Still a lot of work to be done. So far the biggest difference is low end torque. The car feels so responsive at 1000 to 3500 RPM. Next week I will hopefully have this sorted out and review these cams. If any one has suggestions please e-mail me.



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Kedimoto said:
any more info on these cams or any other aftermarket cams out right now?

are the 05 rsx s cams the same as the k20a R cams?
Yes, the 05 is pretty much an r without the exterior and interior modifactions. i would want to see a dynograph of the car fully tuned wit higher compression :twisted: i cant wait to get mine.
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