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Crazyjetsfan22�s �Ek� hatch build! Lots of pics!

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Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Table of Contents:

Page 1
-Day I bought the car
- black dc2 itr Recaro cleaning
-Rig shots
-SHG 09 Meet pics
-Red Recaro speed cleaning
-Random garage photoshoot
-SHG meet 2010
- Preparing the car for Import Alliance 2010
- Destroyed Si front lip
-bought some recaro SPG’s
-Dropped b16 motor for rebuild
-Taking apart whole car for K series rebuild!

Page 2
-Tearing apart blown k24
-Removed Dash and heater core
-Mocked up headlight harness before being loomed

Page 3
-Rearranged the garage

Page 4
-Stripped the bay more
-Started to sand the bay and remove unneeded studs

Page 5
-Picked up misc K series parts

Page 6
-Removed front subframe and ek suspension
-Removing body paste from engine bay
-almost complete headlight harness
-Sanded the bay more

Page 7
-Rywire Tucked radiator
-Picked up ep3 trans

Page 8
-picked up jdm itr 36mm front spindles

Page 9
-Picked up kpro from xenocron
-Spoon gen 2 steering wheel with Works bell hub and NRG quick release

Page 10
-Unloomed engine harness and placed on a mockup motor
-Picked up dc2 subframe and steering rack
-Steel braided brake lines
-Visit to xenocron tuning to see a turbo si on the dyno

Page 11
-Preview of some flocked eg interior pieces
-Removed old skunk 2 suspension to sell
-Picked up 15” kosie k1 wheels

Page 12
-1 Inch ITR brake master and s2k clutchmaster
-Preview of tucked brake lines and tucked clutch line
-Spoon shift knob
-New silver ctr Front lip
-Received order of fittings for brakes and clutch line

Page 13
-DC steering rack and subframe
- Picked up 16x7 +35 Regamaster evo's

- Also picked up Rare 5x114.3 Regamaster Center caps

-Cut Hole for engine harness in the front of exhaust tunnel

Page 14

- Suja 1/ Pic Bushing kit

Page 15
-Purchased Pole position recaro's (side by side of Pole position vs SPG)

-Started Brake line tuck

-Clutch line tuck underneath the fender

Page 16

-Mugen wing

PAge 17
-Sand blasted and Coated some some Front suspension pieces with Por 15

-F7 rear lca's

-Purchased RBC manifold and Type s Tb (sold for RRC manifold)

- Brand new RRC manifold

Page 18
-Comptech Rear subframe brace and 22mm rear sway bar

-k20z1 with spun bearing (later sold)

Page 19
-Visions DC mirrors (later sold not my style)

Page 20

-Purchased k20z1 complete long block and trans

-Craftsman tool box

-Autopower Roll bar
Page 21
-16x7 +42 ce28's

Page 23
-Hytech header
- Coated the Rear trailing arms and Front LCA in por 15 and pressed in new bushings

Page 25
- Recieved Hybrid Shifter box, 70mm Tb, Speed converter
- Mugen ECU stay
-Rays valve stems
-Test fit Rywire tucked rad

Page 26
- Got comptech rear sway bar brace back from powder coat
- More oem parts for steering rack
- RRC intake manifold
-Painted interior panels

Page 27
-Hytech twin loop exhuast 2.5"
-More oem parts for trans

Page 28
-Towed the car to get the Engine bay painted
-Test fit mugen wing
- Got tires kuhmo XS 215/45/16

Page 29
- Engine bay painted
-Test fit ce28's
-Tucked clutch line

Page 30
-Mounted hybrid shifter box
- Shifter assembly back from powder coat
-subframe back from powder coat
- Rear suspension put on
-New front wheel bearings
-Assembling front suspension

Page 31
-Spoon coil pack cover and oil cap
- Replacing fuel pump with Walboro 255
- Wire worx engine harness and conversion harness
- Flywheel cut
-Rotors coated and cut
-Wheel wells under coated
- Brake line made
- Tucked headlight harness

Page 32
- Installed interior
- Installed Mfactory diff with new bearings and outter clutch case
-cleaned motor

Page 33
-Trans all done
-New OEM ep3 idler pulley
-RRC shaved few holes and welded -6 booster line
-Flat center caps for ce28
- Hybrid racing black mounts
-Started on the fuel lines
- Subframe in
-AMR coils and camber kits

Page 35
- Weather proff relays for Fans
- Re painting rear calipers
-Cut RRC and port matched opening to 70 mm
- Motor installed
- Head installed
-Rear coil overs in
- Rebuilding front calipers
-Rebuilding axle
- More motor pics with Teal VC

Page 37
- Making -16 An rad hoses
-More powder coated parts
-Full race pro Am traction bar
- -16AN brake booster
- Front coils and camber kit install
- Test fit friends black ce28's (17")

Page 38
- New honda battery
- Wired up relays for fans
-Brake booster and fuel lines completed

Page 39
-Fuel pump not turning on issue
-Bronze matched valve cover

Page 40
-New Wedge Engineering seat bracket
-Stainless steel brake lines
-Traction bar install
-First start
- Mugen wing and front lip ready for paint
- Car back on the ground
- Body panels aligned side skirts on

Page 42
- Recaros installed
-Spoon steering wheel installed

Page 43
-K-tuned upper neck leaks

Page 45
-Mugen wing on
-Fenders being rolled
-More interior shots

Page 46
-New Garage

Page 47
-New wheels Se37k 16x7 +25

Page 48
-Full shots of the car and engine bay (still not done just yet)

Here is the plan for the build (will prob change and be adjusted depending on how things go)


05 K20z1 (stock for now hope for cams in the future)

RRC manifold (will be shaved down and powder coated black with relocated booster line)

Hybrid Racing 70mm tb

Hytech header

3 Inch exhaust (k teller piping, Vband with vibrant resonator and muffler with Turn down)

Custom intake (still figuring this one out)

Rywire tucked rad with An lines and dual fans

All in fab upper coolant neck (still need to figure out lower coolant passage)

Hondata Kpro

Hybrid Racing shifter box

Hybrid Racing shifter Cables

Hybrid racing Ekk2 motor mounts

Hybrid racing Speed converter (for k20z1 trans)

Walboro fuel pump

Competition stage 4 clutch

Custom ran fuel lines

Custom tucked clutch line

Engine harness Reloomed (not sure if i will do it or pay to have it done by Rywire or others)


AMR coilovers (12kf 10kr)

Comptech Rear subframe brace with 22mm sway bar

PIC/SUJA1 master bushing kit

F7 Rear LCA

DC2 front subframe with LS front sway bar

Autopower Roll bar

Front camber kit (unsure what brand to go with)

Rear camber kit (Hard race)


16x7 +42 bronze Volk Ce28's

Volk bronze center caps

Volk black Valve stems

Volk black lug nuts

Tires (unsure what i want at the moment


Black Recaro pole position seats

Headliner, Rear seats, door panels and arm rest wrapped in Recaro Fabric

Black carpet

Misc interior panels painted black

Si cluster

Rywire Conversion Harness

Tuner View RD1 (this wont be right away)

Spoon shift knob

Spoon steering wheel

Works bell quick release

Black civic floor mats

Seat harnesses (Stuck between black Willans, White crow, Status)


Mugen rear wing

Si front lip (might have another front lip as well)
Si rear lip

Slim moldings

Painted side skirts

Honda Access Window Visors (will get these eventually)

CTR Side view mirrors

CTR front headlights (will get these eventually)

AN brake booster line

Headlight harness tucked

Many items Powder Coated or POR 15

Brake line tuck

Engine bay resprayed with studs and misc brackets shaved

So I got bored and decided to make a build thread/time line for my 99 civic hatch.

Sorry k20a it starts out b series first :eek:

Wish this could be as baller as some of the builds out there but I do my best for being a full time college student studying engineering and working during the week.

I sold my old civic back in May of 09 and didn’t really have a car all summer until about august right after my birthday.

Here are a few pics of my old car. (Rota grids )

Engine bay looked like shit!

Gsr motor with some work done to it made some nice power unturned on a

VAFC at Xenocron tuning!

I got the car in from a local and a member on HT. He was a mechanic at Honda so the car was in the right hands before I had it. A few other friends could vouch for the being clean and legit. Some of the parts were already on the car before I bought it. So it was a good base to start off of for the price. The car is original paint and came with a few things like CTR wing and mirrors 5 lug with powedercoated white wheels and a b16 semi wire tucked and a few other things. There were a few things that the car could use to be where I want.

Only pic I saw of it before I went to look at it!

Here is pics of the car when I first bought the car home.(cell phone pics)

Car same with stock seats because I didn’t want the memory fab seats it came with. Well lucky for me I kept my type r interior off of my old civc. So I traded my type r fronts and $150 for some black recaro srd’s I had seats sitting in my room but no car 

Pics of type r fronts

Srd’s were a little rough when I first got them but that’s nothing some woolite and suede brush cant fix

My friends got a his civic around the same time and so we did a quick shoot (I miss those volks car got stolen)

Made a photo Rig that same summer and tested it out on my car a few friends cars

Friends S2k

Friends turbo R32

Friends LS supercharged CRX

Later in August ’09 went to SHG BBQ with a bunch of friends from Solfresh and SHG
Here are a few pics from the meet
King Raza’s coupe

Br0nx Finest Coupe


NHSWAP13203’s eg (RIP Nick)

Cobra and EVO

Some mugen and spoon

My car

So I really thought red recaros looked better then the black so I traded for these (straight trade! Came with some wedge engineering rails too)
I feel like I made out in the deal better lol. They are mint! Just needed a good cleaning.

All done and drying in the sun

Decided to do some more work on the car and clean it real well. Cleaned under the fender wells a bit and took my exhaust off to clean it

Took all Four wheels off and cleaned them good. Love how white wheels look but cleaning them is a major pain!

To bad the mid pipe on the exhaust needs some help bad it hangs really low and then scrapes on my drive way bad

Random Cell phone pic

Well fall came around and so I did a little photo shoot.

Love this pic!

Can see the engine bay here ( Plan on changing a few things up)

Sold my ITR rear seats and itr arm rest for some extra money to buy some top of the line security!
Before and after pics of them

So at my friends garage decided to tuck the battery into the trunk and fix the fuse box location.

Need to order a grommet to fill this hole

Got a new glove box too because the old one had a big hole for the fuse box.
Old Glove box

Finally got a damn cargo cover. There are soo hard to find! My friend took it out of his gf VSM hatch with 48k original miles.(1/15/10)

Got an si arm rest from a friend (1/20/10)

Purchased some rear mudflaps! Didn’t want to buy the fronts because they were cut and really beat up. Learned soon after that my car was too low with my drive way to even have from mud flaps so I sold those. (march 2010)

Well I always lurk in the shaved and tucked threads so I thought it would look better if I flipped my break booster. So took the day and finished up that. Some how miss placed a nut but when to Honda and ended up getting some free ones.
Before the bb flip


Was not paying attention when I put the hose on and I put it on backwards for the bb.

My new Side skirts came in. They were a steal from Heal toe! $70 shipped for CTR side skirts painted VSm already. (never installed them they are in my attic still)

Not much happened until May when I was out of school
Another SHG bbq (may 23 2010)

Turbo r32

Alex’s Coupe

Br0nx Finest new Wheels!

Itr with some MF10’s car had like 32k original miles at this time.

Another ITR

Clean Midori hatch

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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

I started my full time internship the next day so I was pumped to be making some actual good money instead of being poor!
Well since this was my only car I had to daily drive it to my internship which completely sucked!
Decided after a week I could not do this anymore it was only 25 miles there and 25 miles back but the roads suck in NY so it was hash on the car. The guy that got me a job we used to car pool so it was pretty funny seeing this high up guy in the company in recaro’s and suit. He didn’t realize there was no A/C till a really hot day. I was starting summer class soon and to get a dd there was nooo way I would drive my car to the Bronx for classes 2 times a week for 3 hr class. Took a week or so and I had a dd. That money was taken out of my rim fund so have to wait longer for that :(

Since the hatch was no longer my daily I decided to ditch the wipers. (They are in the trunk so just in case I get caught in the rain)

Well this year we decided to go to IA. (2010) Last year 09’ me and a few others bailed out because the car were going to ride down in we didn’t think would make it. Though a year later that same damn car went down there and back. (we missed out on a good time)

So I decided I needed to get some things done for my car could be presentable for IA.
First on the list was getting my front lip redone which needed some paint bc I bottomed out on my drive way bad

Looks naked with the lip off.

Well lip was a lot worse then I originally thought had a crack that I over looked

Friend who painted it did some really good work on it! Fixed the crack and painted it flawlessly and matches perfect! (cell phone pic)


I wanted to make my engine bay pop a bit more so I wanted to get a Valve cover powder coated. Decided on a Candy teal.

Did some shaving of the letters off and smoothed it out the best I could

Then sent it off to bone head performance.
Got the Valve cover 2 days before we were going to leave, should not have waited till last minute

Day I got it hard to capture the color.

Took Rad and the intake to clean them really good

Also orded a bolt boys engine kit for my motor
Replaced a lot of bolts looked really clean compared to some rust ones (damn NY weather)

Most of the bolts on at this point

Rusty Vtec solenoid. Took some sand paper too it good as new.

Hated the way my over flow tank looked to I bought one from jegs and did a custom hard line to it.

Rad seems a little bit off …… ..(will come back to bit me in the ass later)

Over flow waiting to get new fitting welded on for hard line.

Changed oil, trans fluid, coolant, spark plug and oil filter,
Only the best stuff for my car.


Always loved the s2k clutch master so I decided to put that on. Well with work and school I had no time to do it. Waited till last minute to put I on (hours before we left for IA) had it on and could not get the pressure and the length of the rod to the pedal right so back to stock L

Engine bay all done!

Well the same friend decided he doesn’t want any interior any more so he sold me the following

Headline rewrapped in recaro fabric along with the sun visors and rear seats.
Black carpet ( Im going to buy some fabric to re wrap the door panels and arm rest so they all match)

OLD rugs vs new rugs


SEM paint

Car is a mess

Head liner in

Rear seats in

Got some floor mats too in the deal. Think they are out of newer civic but I love the black

Interior all done!

We left to meet up with Solfresh guys and a bunch of others in NJ to travel down together to IA.
Well on the way there once we got into NJ decided to fill my car up with gas. I started to smell coolant so opened the engine bay and saw this

Well didn’t want to miss the trip so I said lets fix it quick. Only thing I had with me that was of use was duct tape. So taped it up quick and it held good actually. We got to deep PA and stopped at a rest stop and got some 5 hr energy drinks and used some JB weld on it. Thanks for everyone helping me out and waiting! Back on the road we go! Rad was doing fine made a few stops and checked it and had coolant in the car with me so no worries. When we got to VA it was cop central most of the group got separated but rad neck started to leak bad here had to stop a few times to fill it up. Started to use water and coolant so I wasn’t spending all my money.

We finally arrived at the hotel!

Untaped the car and relaxed. Next day wash the car and installed the lip and cleaned up the bay from all the coolant. Had some black s2k Cr lugs nuts to install to replace the ugly and old polished ones


Well the first day of IA did not go so well for me. So woke up early with a few others and left for the IA meet to get a good spot. Got caught a red light and was behind a bit so I decided to catch up and speed a bit. I was driving with two friends in the car and we are prob doing 80-100mph starting to catch up. Well I hear a thud and was like what the hell then I hear some scraping sound and my friend in the passanger seat goes its your lip. I start to slow down to pull over and I feel a bump and the noise stops. Friend in the back seat goes of shit we ran it over. He then goes **** a bus is behind us that runs it over and so does another car. Back up on the high way and put it in the car.

We had to wait in traffic to get into the meet and didn’t get into VIP parking which sucked.
Think this is the only pic of my car at the meet lol

After the meet when to auto part store nearby and bought a rad to replace my broken one. Car blew a fuse I later found out but it would not start so I kept roll starting the car which sucked on the way home.
Rode all the way back home to NY hit ran and had to re install the wipers
Got home safe and sound took longer than expected with rain.
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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

The lip after it fell off
My friend who painted it yelled at me for this but he was happy to see that the crack he fixed was still intact after all that.

Car didn’t get touched too much for a bit after the meet had finals in summer class and busy with work and vacation.
Well got sick of the red seats so decided to sell them. Found a guy on Craigslist who wanted to trade his SPG’s for mine! So put them in my daily gotta love a 4 door! (seats came out of a mustang which was driven by a short asian guy…pretty ironic)

Picked up these new ones! In great condition just another cleaning and they will be perfect.

Little scratch on the back

Well drove the car a bit more in the summer , looked naked without the front lip, and decided to replace a few things. New thermostat and fan switch from Honda
School started back up so I neglected the car pretty much for a while
Well I wanted to attend SHQ OCTOBERfest but could not get my car started the battery died while at school and tried jumping it and no luck! Went any way to hang with a few friends

Well I came home one weekend and it rained the day before and I went over to my car and saw about 2 inches of water. Shop vac fixed that quick. I figured it was coming from the grommet in the driver side fender. I put it off which I should not have. The water ended up shorting the elec in my car so I would not start any more. Traced it to the interior harness and saw that my engine bay fuse box had now power
Messing around a bit with the car to find the electrical problem

Well during the school year ran some numbers in my head and decided to go K series
(not sure the set up yet). I only worked a few hrs a week at my internship so I wasn’t making the most money but decided to ditch the b series. Also going to do a Brake line tuck, Re paint the bay and delete all the studs and mics brackets, Re do the under coating on wheel wells, New bushings in the front., Powder coat misc brackets, Clean up the headlight harness

Car raised up and on steelies all ready to go to the garage. Could not find the short so I had a friend tow it all of 3.2 miles to the garage.

Came home one night to see the car get snow on it. Last flakes this car will see!

Home sweet home!

Well I sold my Valve cover and the intake

Well found the electrical problem. It was a rusty bolt for the ground on the interior by the driver seat. Replaced the bolt and started right up!
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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Well getting ready to drop the motor
Harness and rad are out

Wow the harness that was on the car was foul! It will be re loomed and sold soon

Mounts are off

On the dolley

And its out! Motor was sold to a fellow north east member with a red ek hatch that changes his wheels too ofter

Bye bye oem fuel filter

Bay before all the madness starts

Fenders and headlights off

Head light harness will need to be re loomed when I do the b series harness

Here was why all the water was coming into the interior

More engine bay stuff

Hmm slight problem here on the strut towers .
This side has two holes cut out for what reason I don’t know.


This side not cut out

The Heater to keep us warm on the damn cold NY days/nights

Organization is key to reassembly. Everything labeled

Spoon wrd lol

Hoods off

Spongebob tennis ball

Brake booster and clutch master out


Head light harness out of pass side


Taking all of the old loom of the dash harness

Got a package in! Great place to order from and they shipped it really quick to me

Few Christmas presents!

Spent a bit taking some of the seam sealer off

Found a deal online and had to jump on it. Got these seats for dirt cheap! Pretty beat up but they will look great once im done with them. Will re sell them once they are done.

Both seats next to each other

Prob be the only pic of these seats in the car lol

Recaro’s all cleaned up and ready to sell. (1/6/11)

Small hole :(

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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

nice build ... looks good bro keep up the great work
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

about damn time joeham bought a b series
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Great build so far :up:
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

I enjoyed reading through your build thread. I like your style:up:
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

nice build ... looks good bro keep up the great work
Great build so far :up:

I enjoyed reading through your build thread. I like your style:up:
Thanks guys!:D

about damn time joeham bought a b series
haha like the 10th person to say that.:wow:
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Decided to start to take apart the old engine harness from the b series so re loom it. Labeling the sensors so none get mixed up.

Well here is my passanger in the back seat! There are a few more parts that were in the trunk

Sorry cell phone pics for the time being forgot the camera

Dash is all out!

Snow prevented me from getting to garage so did a little snow shoveling


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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!


el jamon got a B series?

im impressed by your cleaning skills and motivation. i wish i had the energy and passion you do.

you motivated me though, i might put a sponge to my car after work. maybe.
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!


el jamon got a B series?

im impressed by your cleaning skills and motivation. i wish i had the energy and passion you do.

you motivated me though, i might put a sponge to my car after work. maybe.
It seems like more ppl care that he got a b series then any thing else :(

Cleaning skills damn making me sound like a women :wow:

Thanks this is my first actual build so im really excited for this and also im home from college for a month so instead of sleeping my break away like most of the kids i know do, i put some time in on the car.
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Nice Build bro, keep it up. Bump for a fellow New Yorker
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

in the honda community we all love el jamon. ask him whewre he got his white wedssports
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Enjoyed the picture trail/history! Good work man excited to see how this progresses! How much are you selling the seats for? The red recaros
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Looks good man!

cant wait to see how this turns out.

what are all your plans for the bay? full shave?

oh and the holes on the shock towers were drilled out for a itr or si strut bar since the si's or itr's have the studs there you didnt so someone drilled them out and prolly put bolts and nuts on there.

are you going to paint the bay vsm also?

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Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

I hate vsm ek but this is clean n it with the stock itr/ctr wheels.
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

hey, make a build thread for joeham putting that engine in his red EK.
Re: Crazyjetsfan22’s “Ek” hatch build! Lots of pics!

Good luck with the build.
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