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Ok, I gave it some thought and this is my next offer to you guys.

Buy an accord motor for $1000 shipped anywhere in the USA and get a free set of rods I beam or H beam



These rods are pretty some the same as any other chinese rod on the market. You can compare the H beam to the BP H beam pro rod or the I beam to anyother rod on the market really. I dynoed a k24a with the H beam rod and even though it is heavier than than I beam, motor still made 288whp with rcrew cams etc... so they do work well.

Where is the catch?

There are 2 catches :

1- rods will come with no rod bolts, you need to buy your own from ARP ($75-$95 value)
2- Depending on the current stock delivery of the rods can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks. I usually order them in sets of 10 and they take 5 weeks to make and 1 week to get here. The engines ship within 48 hours guaranteed

This should be pretty straight forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the accord motors come with?
-They are a complete longblock. NO ALTERNATOR, NO STARTER, NO ECU. Water pump can be broken in some cases and will not be covered by warranty. Motors do have a startup warranty but most people take these apart and put rods and pistons and a vtec head on them.

What if I only want a set of rods and do not want to buy a motor?

- I will sell the rods at $200 shipped but you have to buy your own rod bolts. I beam or H beam

PM me for questions, if I do not reply after a few days, try again... thanks a lot


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Nikos pushin the China rods...
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