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can someone explain about swapping crankshafts in a k24 to make reving higher a little easier on the motor? what are the options and what cranks from what cars?
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it is possible in theory to use a F22c crank to destroke the motor to approximately 2.2L some modifications need to be made to the crank & to my knowledge NO ONE has done this (& if they have - it hasn't worked)

some aftermarket companies say they offer built destroke K24 blocks - but once again I have NEVER seen proof of a working motor.

I heard from a well know drag racer that the f22c crank in a k24 motor has created MAJOR reliability issues.

it could be possible to use a f20c crank but you would basically be destroking the motor to 2.0 L (i believe I posted this info in another thread - already)

The major downside to the K24 motor is piston speed not so much the R/S (which has an effect on the piston speed) custom rod (lengths) are also an option to decrease piston speed...

I do know of one person who has a completely built k24/k20 frankenstein motor - details will be provided soon (next month or so) I don't know if its destroked or not....but power (whp) is going to be BIG...don't expect the motor to last too long
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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