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crank pully

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What's the best tool to take off the crank pully ( off the shelf)? I used two chain tools and had to file the teeth and don't want to do that again. any info thanks.
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rsxmachine said:
something like this, with two 1/2" drive breaker bars and a cheater bar for leverage

I'm not familiar with the Alltrade brand but most others cost like $40-50.
I just bought one of these off there next day delivery a couple hours ago. I gotta get this dam bolt off before I can pull the head and resume my install.
You attach a breaker bar to the crank pulley holder tool and there's a hole right through the hex to allow you to reach the bolt in the middle that you'll use another breaker bar on to jar it loose.
A2gt35r said:
On an engine stand I was able to do this by myself. Probally wasn't a good idea since I have a hernia and now I had top get a support which looks like a screwed up version of a jock strap :wow: .
lmao! :D
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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