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Cool Things About The Euro Accord (TSX)... Please share

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I wanted to share some pics of the TSX and the front aluminum control arms, double wishbone front and 5 link rear. The rear has aluminum knuckles. The TSX would be a great race car IMO and a good candidate for RWD or AWD.

Shot of the front subframe and assembly:
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fyi, the CL7 accord also has factory lightweight rear calipers (aluminum iirc). my buddy owned a legit Spoon cl7 accord for several years and sold it to a fella in texas who races it in global time attack.
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yea thats one long ass axle! seems like they're not even using a half-shaft.
may be the TSX's half shaft is shorter than the others
no way, at least not USDM ones. They're longer than RSX/EP3/8th gen civic half shafts.
My friends CL7 accord ran regular style TSX axles.
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I can confirm the euro r half shaft is significantly longer than the integra, civic version. That's one change i had to make when using the euro r for my civic swap.
say, you wouldn't happen to have access to Euro-R CL7 service manuals ecu pin out pages?
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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