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I'll make this simple.

Block has been tested with that slime that glows, no problems at all.
Block is really clean and in great shape, the guy I bought it off of said it had less than 3500 on it and it shows, I used to know the exact number but I forget now. I can get pictures. Has all the timing like the chain and tensioner, oil pan, crankshaft, even the original oil filter from factory( the break in one i think ). I have the pistons and rods but I took the out because I was just about to send the block and crank out to get sleeved and the crank balanced and lightened with the new pistons and rods I picked out, but need my money for my house. I will and can take pictures of whatever anybody wants to the best of my ability just let me know by email @ [email protected] or just PM me . Make me an offer, the shipping is up to you, i am in pittsburgh Pa, i will meet up to 1 hour away ( mapquest's estimate ) Thanks for reading this far and have a good day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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