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SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wow:Hey guys im selling this complete JDM Honda Integra Type-R swap DC5 included is everyhting that i recieved from which is who i bought this from it cost me a little more than $6,000 for this swap and i used it less than 6,000 miles they say their motors come average 15,000 miles so everything inlcuded has less than 22,000 miles i used this in my 02 RSX Type-S for a while and now have removed this for a motor im building for BOOST is the only reason i am removing this motor runs GREAT and pulls very hard

The price is $4500 :wow: pickup or i can deliever up to 250 miles from my hometown Bellefontaine Ohio or i can have it delievered to your house by a company called pakmail although it is kind of pricey but i am willing to work with any serious buyers on getting the swap to them

I am selling everything that i recieved from and that is the following:

K20A motor
Y2M3 transmission with 4.7 final drive factory LSD helical
wiring harness
stock motor mounts that i recieved
Power Steering Pump
Water Pump
Intake manifold
Exhaust manifold with downpipe including catalyic converter
Fuel Rail
Coil Pack
Serpentine Belt (needs replaced but still works)

The small minor things just so no one is suprised

-There is a small chip in the crank pulley on the outside that doesnt affect anything and doesnt hurt the belt just letting you know its there

-There is a small scrape on top of the valve cover i dont know how it happened when i unwrapped it off of the semi from it was like that i dont know if it was shipper error or from hmotorsonline that way i just never worried about it...

-the threads on the down pipe on the RH side are stripped i used a grade 8 nut and bolt and it seals and works fine....the type R header is different and this is on the RH side that bolts to the catalyic converter....

-The serpentine belt works fine i used it until i removed the motor but it looks like it will need relaced soon...

Just very very small little details just dont want to make anyone mad or have any suprises im not out to take advantage of anyone and will be straight forward and honest with anyone

I never had Hondata to see the motors full potential i talked to a guy from hasport who gave me a little secret on how to by pass the immobilizer system but the car would cut out at 114MPH and only rev to about 8700 RPM's the ECU needs Hondata to see FULL potential but this was still a very very fun car for a heavy rsx put this in a HB and see ya later

Please let me know if you are interested by PM and if you would like to talk to me my name is Zack and my personal cell number is 937-441-5290 if you have any questions or would like to know a little more about the motor
Here are some pictures of just about everything you would want to see i tihink if somethings missing please just let me know and i will upload pics i will also show pics of the very minor "BAD" things i listed above to show how littlle they are thanks again

:wow: thanks guys and if you look please bump it up lol thanks:D

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bump to a clean k type r swap.....i would buy it but my money aint up there ri now due to certain things
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