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Coil Pack Explosion now getting "Low Voltage While Cranking" Draughterboard Error


I have a 2002 Acura RSX Type S, I had a coil pack explode on me, #3 cylinder,

I am getting the "Daughterboard Communication Error, Low voltage while cranking" code. so I replaced the following parts:

Parts Replaced with New:

Charge Harness
Wire Harness

I have put my ECU in another RSX type s and I am unable to get the code to show up with my friends RSX.

Put the ECU in a 90 CRX K20a Swap and alas! No codes...

I just purchased a replacement under dash and under hood fuse boxes hoping this may alleviate my issues.

Here is the problem I am fighting,

If I disconnect my C302-C101 plug next to the ECU the big fat light gray connector with 2 rows of pins and plug it back in, the RSX has no codes, if I turn the car off then start it again the code pops back up.

Picture of the Plug below:

So, if anybody has had this issue before please enlighten me with some things to check out so I can go from there.

I am hoping the fuse boxes fix my problem, Honda says the multiplexer is shot so we will see if this fixes my issue...

Any suggestions of things to check would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Re: Coil Pack Explosion now getting "Low Voltage While Cranking" Draughterboard Error

To be clear the search function on works :worship: so Kudos to the team,

I have read these posts in search of my epic issue.

Seems to be grounds causing the issues, I do not have a trunk battery, and yes my grounds are good, I double checked, and rechecked them using OHMS law with my multimeter. Continuity 000.0 which is perfect no resistance.

I will let the forum know if the multiplexer in the fuse box was actually the culprit unless anybody has any suggestions or ideas for me to try before installing the fuse box.

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