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Just put in my new cams, torqued down the cam holders and I look and the far right cam-holder-cap sits a little off its mark and the pulse plate on the intake cam is SUPER close to the rocker assembly. I checked the service manual and it says nothing about clearances etc etc. Where the bolts go through the cam cap( 4 per cap ), the flanges themselves are pretty close to flush at the mating joints.
Pages 6-3x in the manual for reference.

How do you know if your cams sit in the correct spot from left to right? My timing chain runs in the guide well, i rotated the crank like 100 times and the oil is pumping, orange tensioner thing moves just a little, no chain slap between camsprockets. :confused:

Can somebody gimme som help, I was hoping to get this wrapped up today but I don't wanna F-up.
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