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car is a 92 civic si really clean eg bard for a acura 1.8L it has a clean title and about 120k miles.
the car currently has a k20a2 in it but looking to sell just the shell k ready with all the parts listed below

the car will come with...

Kconcepts shifter box mount

Rsx type-s shifter box

Sparks eg K conversion harness

Non ps civic eg steering rack

Complete Interior

Gsr cloth front seats

Jdm Sir steering wheel

Jdm center console

Jdm red stitch shift boot

Jdm itr shift knob

no cd player

alpine speakers

Power mirrors

Power sunroof

Golden eagle rear bumper diffuser

black housing headlights

4300k xeon hids

Jdm amber corners

Vis Cf hood has cracks

Cf duckbill

koni yellow shocks

koni spec ground control coilovers

Oem si/ex lip

Oem mud flaps

Si front sway bar

ITR 22mm rear sway bar with beaks kit

Unknown brand upper rear strut bar

CTR 1inch master cylinder & brake booster

Rear steel braided brake lines

96 spec ITR 4x114 brakes same size rotors and calipers at 5lug ITR

96 spec ITR 4x114 wheels white with center caps

195 50 15 fallen zx512 tires

looking to get 3800 OBO with every thing listed above pm me if interested or my AIM is lKTwizzlEl

thes are the most recent pictures i have they are from this summers eibach 08 meet
if interested i can take more

and here are some pics b4 i owned the car and picked it up as a shell


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why do you have 3 threads for the same car ? the mods on this site will Pm you shortly im sure

Originally Posted by ktwizzle
jdm recaro red stitch seats $950
Hasport mounts $450
Kconcepts shifter box mount Rsx type-s shifter box $150
Walbro 255 fuel pump $100
Koyo rsx aluminum radiator full core $150
Viper 791xv 2way paging alarm $100
Jdm Sir steering wheel $120
Ground Control Koni spec coilovers with custom spring rates $800
ITR 4x114 brakes $500
jdm itr wheels $300

thats about half the parts listed on the car and what i would say and i am sure most would agree is a fair prices for each one used maybe you didn't pay much attention in 3rd grade math but that totals up to just over 3.5k in just parts not to mention how clean and straight the car is itself so yes your off 3k sure is a low ball at least ask for some parts removed if u are going to go that low on a offer

I can add just fine thanks , and im not low ballin you as you can see it isnt sold yet for a reason !! Im not trying to insult you i know what cars cost and mods , i have built many honds's so listing all your items and prices is pointless to me . my offer of 3k with everything you have listed is more than fair , if you dont wanna accept my offer thats fine but i can tell you with this economy you might have a difficult time selling it and not everyone has a trailer or truck to come pick this up . Anyway im buying a shell in the next week so good luck on the sale for 4k i dont see your car worth that much even with recaro's and everything you have listed

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oh ya what happened to these ? Asking the same price and not including them :rolleyes:
Ground Control Koni spec coilovers with custom spring rates $800

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No 2
1 for the complete car
And this one I just made for the shell because i deleted the original thread because of your low ball post I don't care what u think about value of shells and the condition of the economy bla bla bla I would appreciate it if u kept your opinions to ur self or at least inform me of them thru pm
Just because a deal between us fell thru doesn't mean u need to keep trolling in my treads

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haha you had your chance to dump your shell to a serious buyer good luck dealing with all the dreamers and jack offs on here with no cash :up:
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