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Clarify brake line fitting flare type...

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I just want to confirm this type of fitting will seal properly with the stock prop. valve. when going to 3AN line.

AN to Bubble Flare Male Caliper Fittings
-3AN x 10mm x 1.0

Is the bubble flare what I want? I also saw inverted flare.
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this is for the master cylinder, prop valve, bulkheads in wheel wells... i assumed they would all be same. am i wrong?

I found 3an -> 10mmx1.0 in both bubble flare and inverted flare
if the fitting is to go into a prop valve, you want the inverted flare (like the end of the fitting pictured to the right)

if the fitting is to go into an -AN fitting, you want the 37* flare (the first fitting to the left)

the bubble flare protrudes out like so (pictured on the right)

Ok. I know AN fittings require a 37* flare - I'm good in that area.

so are inverted and bubble the same? unless i am retarded, you said the fitting on the right is both inverted and bubble.

Off Jegs:



Thanks for your help so far! :up:
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my apologies, i made an error

you are right, the second image you have posted does show the inverted flare.

inverted is what you want.
thanks... do you happen to know if bubble is used on any of the oem ports such as the wheel well bulkheads?

bubble isnt used at all on honda's

just double 45 on the brake line itself

and the inverted flare on the fitting.

i think bubble is used on domestic vehicles but someone correct me if i'm wrong

I'm looking to put adapter fittings in the prop valve to 3an tube nuts/sleeves with 3/16 line. just want to make sure i get the right stuff!

like this:
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I just took my prop valve out and the inside of the ports angle away from the fitting - not towards it.

My braided line fittings have the inverted look, just not sure how they were sealing though
the bubble flare looks like it has the correct flare simply by looking at the fitting and the prop valve.

now i'm confused!
bubble flare is for european vehicles, never used on honda's - Inverted is the required flare for anything relating to honda brakes.
Alright, thanks for verifying Rich! :up:
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