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[CL9] K20A2 Oil Pump Upgrade Kit

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Hey guys,

Just would like to know what the benefits are of upgrading the oil pump on my Accord Euro & if it's worth while doing? I've read something about it increasing power & that it is suitable for high RPM applications but is it really necessary?

I also found a link to a kit but wasn't quite sure if it would be a direct fit to my motor."]"]
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You should really look into getting an RRC oil pump instead of an Type-S (A2/Z1) pump because the RRC pickup scoop is taller/deeper (in the pan) and is native use for the RBC/RRC oil pan.

The type-S pump has a shallower pickup scoop and is native use to the PRB oil pan.

you can't use an RRC pump with a PRB pan either, cuz the scoop will bottom out on the floor of the PRB pan because of the taller scoop.

RRC pump to RBC/RRC pan
PRB pump to PRB pan

You'll want to stick with an RBC/RRC pan if you have a real CL7 vehicle because a torque mount is integrated into mounting to those pans, where it is not on an RSX, EP3 civic, or k-swapped legacy chassis's (ie. 88-91 civic/90-01 integra).
As usual...good info:up:
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