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I've taken somewhat of a backwards approach to this project as I started with building the motor before even selecting a chassis (MODS, feel free to move the thread should you choose).

Purchased a K20a2 from HMotors back in 2007. Disassembled and inspected it, then didn't really touch it until recently (8 years later). Did a lot of reading and research to learn about K series motors. Thanks to close friends, professional acquaintances, and this forum, I think I'll take a stab at it.

Below is my progress thus far. Obviously, there's a lot left. I hope to provide updates as I go. However, if the above timeline is any indication of the project's future pace, my updates may be scarce.

**Special thanks to my closest of friends; Ryan Ingold and Charlie Rhyu


K20a2 bored to 87mm
Carrillo Pro-A Forged Rods
Mahle Pistons (12.7:1, 87mm)
OEM Oil system (k20 pump, chain, tensioner, guide)
OEM Timing Chain Tensioner


K20a2 head
New OEM Valves
RCrew Valve Springs
RCrew Retainers
RCrew R01 Camshafts
RCrew Fuel Rail
RCrew Oil Cap
Powdercoated Valve Cover (Crystal Grey)

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