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So with stock internals and an ECU with IHE, we go from the K2OA's 220hp which is around 196ish whp, to 254.2. So thats a 60 whp improvment just from the bolt ons??!??!?!?! Even if the motor made 210 stock (somehow) it would be a 45 whp imporvmnet? I am sure its built ground up. Especially with a 9800 redline, stock internals wouldnt see the light of day. NICE FREAKIN SETUP AS IS, I would like to know what lives beneath the surface of that valve cover.


nikos said:
This is Hondata's race car. It belongs to Derek Stevens, one of the owners of Hondata.
Read about it here

Hondata claims it made 254.2 hp / 169.5 ft-lbs from a stock K20A (dynapack). Total modifications were:

* Prototype Racing header.
* Prototype Racing intake.
* Prototype Racing oil pan baffle.
* Hondata Heatshield.
* Hondata programmable ECU.

This was with a full exhaust on a EG Civic race car. Being significantly lighter than the RSX the car goes like crazy.

Here are some movies
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