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well i honestly never dynotuned it ...

I had it in the summer for the shows, it needed about 3-4% more fuel thorugh the curve than the other manifold (stock prb) so it does flow considerably more.. it's a prototype peice that was machined, and then tig welded and filler rodded to shape, i can't remember the ammount of hours i have on this one. Since i'm working on my ITBS i won't be using this peice. so if somebody want's to give it a try..

hey more power to you....

the rails are all done, etc.. all somebody would need another set of injectors and a toggle switch.. this summer was incredibly rought for me... timing was bad. so I never had a chance to hook the kpro nitrous controls to activate it...

my gut instink would tell me a good 10-12whp over stock just from the flick of the switch beyond 6k....

I dynoed my car with the stock prb manifold that is seen in the throttlebody thread. you can clearly see a portmatch would have yeilded some much better numbers since i did those pulls at 15VC.. 25VTC would have been great...

my ITB setup will have the injectors place 8 inchs further aw-well. but my itbs will be tuned and tested this manifold well... It was a show peice that performed and got me "BEST ENGINE" in the crazy 8 class in sportcompact nights... so I need something different for the next new shows to keep my title of "BEST RSX" :)

re-using the peice is useless in shows.. and well the ITBS i'm sure will outperform.. but for a person who wants to test manifolds out.. it's currently in a crate underneath a flywheel and a Dc5HID ballast :)

does somebody want it ?

does Marouj wanna test it? he's independant.... and has a dyno.. i do to.. but theres 85CM of snow that landed in our town in 3 days... no access for a while :) or until i finish claying and building the motor then i'll have to call some heavy equipment :)

i'll try to pre-release some of my ITB pics.. totally custom :)
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