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check engine problem K20 and K24 block

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I swapped a K20 into my EG with a K24 block. :D

But, the check engine is almost always light on. When we run a test with the honda computer, the code is "fuel too lean". What does it mean? I changed my fuel pump but the problem is the same. I have a V2, a DC Race headers and HKS exhaust. :mad:

I'm looking now for change the injectors (k24 injectors). Does anyone have a suggestion or a solution for my problem?

Thanks :(
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I use the PRBA06 ECU stock. The code is "fuel too lean" but I don't have the number. I read an article that mention that the K20 have a little bit problem when you try to increase the fuel volume because there is no fuel return line and the regulator is with the fuel pump. But, in my case, I have a civic 2003 DX. Is this the same thing than the RSX?

If I changed the fuel pump(walbro) and nothing else, is this really increase the fuel volume? Do I need to change the regulator to have more pression, the fuel rail and the injectors? In my case, my car have 205WHP and with the 2.4l block, I fear that the RSX stock injectors 310CC are not enough.

Thanks a lot for your explain. You really seem to know what you talk about. So, I just need a precision in regard the re-mapping of the ECU. What I need to update in the ECU with the Honda Computer? Is there a table to change the amount of fuel pression or A/F ratio?

My ECU is running stock like I mentioned. My fuel pressure is stock too. The only thing I did is put a walbro fuel pump that fit on a 2003 civic DX(it can support 70 PSI). I will get a comptech regulator to try to increase the pressure to 70 PSI like the Hondata guy said and trying to re-map my ECU. For the moment, i don't know how but I know a guy in Quebec City who work for honda that is able to do this. For the injectors, I will keep my K20 like he told.

I don't want to put a Hondata before I purchase my jackson racing supercharger because it's include in the race kit version. I will get it in may or june but for the moment, I search for a costless solution to economize money for the supercharger.
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