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Hi, I am a distributor for Mo-Jun Composites, and I am currently haveing a Holiday sale, so if you are looking for the best bang for your buck in performance, this is the way to go, nothing makes a car handle better than dropping 50+ lb's from the highest point of the car and making it look good too.

First off let me tell you a little about Mo-Jun.
-We are a registered business with the state. We are fully EPA, water, and Fire certified. Meaning we have taken the steps to make sure we are as green of a company as we can be.
-Over 10 years of combined manufacturing experiance
-Fully trained in open molding, Light RTM, RTM, VIP, Autoclave, and VRTM manufacturing.
-On call laser and waterjet cutting capabilities.
- Full Composites Facility. We are not a small company manufacturing in a garage or a storage unit.

For Pictures Go To This Link!!


Installation - these are rather easy to install. They will come pre-cut ready for install. They also will come with detailed instructions.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE!!! --- We are selling these very low as an introductory offer! This price will only be for the first 5 sold in each application. Prices are below. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!!! NO WAITING!!

94-01 Integra Coupe - Availible now --
92-95 Civic Hatchback - Availible now --
92-95 Civic Coupe - AVAILIBLE!!!!
96-00 Civic Hatchback - AVAILIBLE!!!
96-00 Civic Coupe - AVAILIBLE
88-91 Civic Hatchback -
92-95 Civic 4 Door -
88-91 CRX -
We are designing roof caps for other cars such as the 99-04 Jetta, 06-UP Mustang, 05-UP Charger, and many more to be announced.

These are all manufactured using vacuum infusion. WE DO NOT USE POLYESTER RESINS!! These are made with VER resins and epoxy surface coats. We do not use resins that have excess styrene in them as they deteriate quicker over time. If you have any technical questions please dont hesitate to let me know.

!!!THESE HAVE A FITMENT AND QUALITY GARUNTEE!!!If you are not happy we will buy it back from you. These are designed so you can take your sunroof out for the weight reduction. If you have an ITR or a car that does not have a sunroof these will fit perfect as well.

Shipping - of course this is determined by your area. Our shipping prices are lower compaired to the average shipper. Everything will be shipped via fedex or UPS. They will come double bubble wrapped and since these have to be thin so they don't sit to high on your roof we ship these in a wooden frame and double box over the top of that to garuntee you wont get a broken part. We ship international and have a couple dozen or so roof caps in other countries.

Mo-jun composites wholesale list

97-01 Prelude Roof Cap -- $450
96-00 Civic Hatch roof Cap -- $475
96-00 Civic Coupe roof Cap -- $450
94-01 Integra roof cap -- $400
92-95 Civic Coupe roof cap -- $415
92-95 Civic Hatch roof cap -- $485
PRO CAPS ARE $75 more accross the board

92-95 civic power and non power door inserts -- $200
96-00 civic power and non-power door inserts -- $190
90-93 integra power door inserts --$195
94-01 integra door inserts --$175
94-01 integra cargo cover -- $175
95-99 eclipse cargo cover -- $200
00-07 Focus cargo cover -- $210
B Series spark plug cover--$100
H Series spark plug cover -- $100
DC fuel pump cover -- $160
EG/EK fuel pump cover -- $90
EF fuel pump cover -- $85
RSX/EP3 fuel pump cover -- $90
S2000 Brace Cover -- $160
J's Racing Style Front DC flares -- $180
Evo 8 Rear Exhaust Bumper Guard -- $95
S2000 AP2 Rear Exhaust Bumper Guard -- $190

New Applications in the making
G35 Roof Cap
IS300 Roof Cap
CRX Roof Cap
88-91 Civic Roof Cap
97-01 Prelude Roof Cap
S2000 Spark Plug Cover
Carbon and Kevlar Washers
Civic Radiator Mount

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really going out on a limb here but you forsee anything for a is300?
Whacha looking for exactley. Chances are we can do whatever you need....but it would be in group buy fasion , meaning we would need like 4-5 guys in on it, just because there is so much time and work involved, but if you can get people together then its verry possible.

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Welcome tot he site..Become a sponsor :up:

BTW, how r u dropping 50 lbs from the highest point of the car? :)
Well, there are two options, you can get the roof cap and remove your sunroof, and just cap the roof, or the pro race cap, which is actually a full roof replacement, and is much more rigid that the stock roof.

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I don't have a moonroof. :(
Well unless you wanted the look or the rigidity of the race version, it might not be benifitial to you, its mostly for guys like me that have a sunroof, and want to loose the weight, without doing one of those ugly plugs. And I have also seen the carbon roofs be used WITH the sunroof, don't know why, but does look good though.

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I only have the instructions for the CAP on hand, but as I said I will try to get the race cap ones. I imagine you would just cut a large hole in the roof, removing most of the metal, and leave like 3" of roof all the way around, and that would keep everything square, and also give a good mounting surface for the cap, at least thats what I plan on doing on mine.

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very nice.... I think I found my next exterior mod. Been looking that these for a while now but quality and durability was my concern.
Nice! Yeah, his quality is second to none, and he garuntees everything also, so you know you are getting quality. Check out the pics in theis link (just click view pics) , and you can see the quality, and the strength of the race caps, he has like 350lbs on the one roof and it doesn't even bow.

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If you mount it the way you describe, the cap will be a mere show item..A correct replacement roof will need no stringers and will require a dry carbon autoclaved unit reinforced where the rear hinges attach and extended to the oem rain gutter location. You need to remove the complete oem unit, drill it out at the spotwelds and glue in a replacement carbon roof...

I'll gladly put up pics of my autoclaved dry carbon complete replacement roof once it's done.. I'm completely replacing the roof for a race vehicle so also not using the roof liner..

not trying to dis anybody here, just sharing my opinion on the difference between a true replacement roof or a mere skin.....If you're using a oem roof liner and doing it for exterior show, no worries here, but if you're looking for a functional racing roof replacement, there's more to it then cutting out a center piece and epoxying on a skin....

just my 2 cents and hence my question on the roof attachment points..
As I said in my previous post, I am not sure how to install the RACE cap, I just gave my thought on how to, and also, this all depends on the car, I dont have a hatch on my prelude, so the way I discribed should work.
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