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Can you keep your a/c with a k20 swap into an EG?

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I plan on saving up for a k20 swap but I want to know if you can keep your a/c both in an EK and an EG.

Thanks in advance.
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rsxdude said:
Any write-up on your setup Brian? I would like to have A/C with the swap also since it gets really hot around here. Is that a k24 or are you using the accord/crv intake manifold?
fastbrakes said:
I'll take some pics and post on my site, since I'm not sure how to upload to the H-T board...

The AC lines were a matter of figuring out which lines to start with...I used the 03 Accord compressor lines and had the fittings cut off to use a thicker wall hose. The stock 03 hoses are thin and kinked too easily. Spacing the fan forward was the next task so I used an aftermarket thinner fan and trimmed the stock fan bracket (which supports the AC condensor) to fit. It's not too pretty but it works and clears the hoses. I may trim it a bit better before I charge up the system.

I did magage to use the stock suction line from the firewall (the thin one) and snaked it around the new engine mount to a flex piece, then into the new receiver. The receiver is now in the hole on the passenger side frame rail.

I also decided to use the pressure switch in the receiver instead of the factory one on the condensor, mainly to make it cleaner.

I still need to make lower mounts for the condensor, but Hasport will be making a new lower support bar for the production kits and I'll probably wait for that...

No power steering on the VX, it doesn't need it anyway. The new fast ratio rack will be a nice addition...should have it tomorrow ...also need to make the console to cover up the steel tower for the dash mounted shifter...I really like the way the shifter falls into your hand...

Next Up...sound deadening material in hatch and doors...who cares about the 20 lbs it will add, I can tow a truck now:)
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