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CAMS : Discussion what is everyone running or planning

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Really contemplating getting those IPS-k2 cams.. I know a few here are runinng type-r cams, and even toda n2... I want to wait fro skunk2 but dont know when if they're droppin anytime soon.. IPS-k2 sound real good.. What cams is everyone else leaning towards too

Intake - duration (lift)

low speed lobe: 253 (9.25mm)
high speed lobe: 302 (13.28mm)

Exhaust - duration (lift)
low speed lobe: 246 (8.10mm)
high speed lobe: 295 (11.84mm)
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i got a question, can i put type s cams in a k20a3 and would it produce the same power, since it the the same head?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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