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Cam Gods and other gurus inside please

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Some of you guys may know that Im coming down to the last few things on my k24/20 swap.

The numbers thus far are 211whp and 165tq. Were aight with that but not jumping up and down with joy to be honest with you. BTW the engine has 11.1's and some mild head work, KPro and I.H.E.

The guys building the car are also a little let down by these numbers and want to throw some cams in half there cost.

So heres my problem, do I go with the stock R cams or jump up to the stage1 or 2 Crower cams? I dont know what kinda increase to expect with the R cams but I like the factory reliability about them.

This is my daily driver plus autox/drag car. I also drive it to out of state events as far away as 1000 miles one way. Of course its not my only car but but I dont trailer it to any events.

So....what numbers would you expect to see with these cam choices and is there any issues with reliability?

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how about them what? this thread is 2 years old?
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