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non vtec said:
On the ECU there is a port which inables you to tune the computer.. on the New link they are trying to incoparte a programme to allow it to loop its self so it will programme itself.. Imagine being able to run on a dyno or on the road and have the computer run through every cam angle and fuel and ignition timing sequence.. Now to do the as a human and in programming time well thats alot of dyno time you through out of the wallet, but for a computer to do it itself well lets say it might take a tops of 5mins per 1000rpm.. imagine the perfect tune in less than 1hr on the dyno...
As for the realease date, well lets say due to a couple of small technical hassles it has been delayed.. I will know when it is being released or at least before its released as I am going to be a test subject for the ECU...

To answer the original post of this thread and the PM I received..

I would say that both Hybrid Racing and Hasport make good kits, I beleive that they both have had minor issues with a couple of cars but nothing major.. As far as axles go well lets say I have seen and heard alot mopre of axles breaking with the Hasport Kits than the Hybrid Racing kits, although that might be the application of the cars more so than the kits...
Personally to make a choice for one over the other look at the prices, what you get for that price.. and ring the guys up and ask about there service if there is any hassles.. I read on a post about a few axles that dont fit, will they replace them until the problem is sorted...Ask little things like that..
Deal with the guy you like to talk to the most.. at the end of the day that is really the only difference in the products... both kits will mount a K20 into another car, both will run and drive great.. Make the choice on cost and which you feel gives you the best value for money.. If you are going to put your car in shows even look at which has the nicer looking mounts... Ask for a couple of photos of swapped car so you can compare them little things like that...

sorry to bring this back from the dead but is that any new news on this ecu?

I was just reading through old posts trying to learn and came upon this and it caught my attention
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