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DOHCVtecNut said:
C-Zero said:
Hasport will have a generic kit.
A generic kit huh? You sure about that? You can't have generic motor mount kits because each application is a specific application. That's just my two cents on that. However, on the topic of swapping a K20 into your Legend, I think it's a waste of time and money. For one thing, the legend is a heavy car already. You will be bogged down with a lot of problems. The reason why the Legend came with the engine that it did was because it had torque to get it going (due to the heavy weight of the car). Notice also that it has a much longer wheel base. That will pose another problem. Come on...just think about it. It's pointless. You are wasting a perfectly good swap on a legend. If you want, you should do a C32 swap. Now that would be a swap to do with your legend. If you don't know, a C32B is the engine found in the NSX. But you know what? Just be practical and get your self a different car if you want to do a K20 swap. Personally? I'd go with the EK or EG.

I just wanted to let him know, I dont like them anyway.
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