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Hey guys, I've been a fan of this site ever since i got my EP and I've bought a good few things from ppl here for this buildup so i figured i'd let yall in on the progress.

CURRENT SITUATION: I'm military and was running K20a3 w/Cybernation Stage 2 in Germany w/K-Pro... one problem... No K-Pro tuners in germany. tried to go easy on it but it only lasted about 3-4 months. ok i lied...i dicked around with it and blew it up... lesson learned there :dance:

Here I am about 1.5 years later... wiser and more patient.

Back in the States. Car is still in germany. I figured... WTF... put a K20/K24 in there while i'm at it... oh wait ... built internals... oh wait ... UKDM Type-R tranny... and on and on and on...

sadly i'm obessed and couldn't give up the EP3.

there is light at the end of the tunnel tho. the car will be back in my hands around JAN/FEB timeframe.

I will get the car built for turbo with low compression but tuned and running NA. Once I get it to where i am stationed at now in CO. I'll be handing the car over to CorsportUSA in Denver CO to install the new kit... a custom Peakboost kit pieced with some of the stuff i had left over from my Cybernation kit to include the T60-1 Turbo.

Advice is appeciated if you have any suggestions.

Grocery List:

BOLDED are In-Progress (Item that have been installed but i have not seen the car yet or that i have the parts but are waiting to install)
underlined are On-Order
Othe items where on the car prior to rebuild


RSX-S K20a2 Head
Cometic .030 K24 Head Gasket
Import Builders K20 Domed Valves (Black Nitride Coated)
CRV K24a1 Block
KMS K24 Block Guard
Import Builders K24 Wiseco 9.0.1 Compression Pistons (Race Coated Skirts)
Import Builders K24 Pro H-beam Rods w/Oil Holes (Black Nitride Coated)
K20a2 Oil Pump w/Chain and Baffle
K20a2 Oil Pan
Hamp Oil Filter (Have not installed yet)
Hondata K-Pro
Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket
NGK Iridium IX BKR8EIX Spark Plugs
RC 650cc Injectors w/Clips
Walboro 255lph Fuel Pump
APEXi N1 Catback
Energy Suspension K20 Motor Mounts
Ingalls Engine Torque Dampener
P2R K20 Power Plenum
P2R Throttle Body Spacer
P2R Throttle Body Gasket
Optima Yellow Top Battery (D51R)
Greddy 15mm Lightwieght Oil Catch Can (Have not installed yet)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover
Spoon Radiator Cap
Mugen Oil Cap

Turbo Setup:

Turbonetics T60-1 .63 A/R T3/T4 Non-BB Turbo (Ordering new 4 bolt Compressor Housing)
Peakboost HVS Sidewinder Exhaust Manifold (Race Coated)
Peakboost 2 Piece 3in Downpipe w/ Vband Connections
Peakboost 3in Testpipe w/Vband
Peakboost 44mm Dumptube
Tial 44mm Wastegate (Purple)
Greddy Type-S BOV (Purple)
Corsport Boost Controller Solenoid
Spearco Bar/Plate Air-Air FMIC (Rated at 600hp)
3in Intercooler Piping
Generic Air Filter


Civic Type-R (Euro Spec) 6 Speed Transmission
Quaife Limited Slip
Clutchmasters Stage III Kevlar Clutch
Corsport Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Buddy Club OEM Replacement Short Shifter
CorSport Aluminum Shifter Bushings
CorSport Metal Shift Cable Bushings


Ground Control Sleeveovers (Have Replacements)
Tokico Blue Shocks (Front and Rear)
Tanabe Sustec Front Upper Strut Bar (Anodized Red)
Megan Racing Adjustable Rear Upper Strut Bar (Polished)
Progress Rear Sway Bar-Tie Bar Combo
CorsportUSA V2 Endlinks (Front and Rear)
SPC Full Front and Rear Camber Kit
SPC Rear Control Arms (Anodized Red)


JDM Style Black Housing Headlights
JDM Amber Sidemarkers
JDM Honda Red "H"s
Enkei J10 16" 10 Spoke Bronze Rims
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 205/40ZR16 Tires
Painted Bumper Lenses (Paint Matched)
Corsport Aluminum Hood Spacer Bushings (Anodized Red)


Autometer Triple Gauge Pillar
AEM Digital UEGO 6in1 Wideband A/F Gauge w/Bosch Sensor
Autometer Boost Gauge
Prosport Digital EGT Gauge
DC Sports Red Anodized Shifter Nob
Whistler Radar Detector


Sony CDX-5515X CD/MP3 Player
2 Kicker CompVR 15s
2 Sony Tweeters
2 Sony 4x6s
2 Sony 6 1/2
1 Infinity 1200W Mono D Class Amp with Bass remote

Pics to come soon.

Shit ton of parts from CorsportUSA.
Forged internals from Blueprint Racing.
Parts from HickamHatch,EM1,JDMK20A2

Thanks Jeff (k20edcivic) for helping with the tuning hes doing in Germany to get it Ship worthy.

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Some Pics of the parts, last i saw them. Should have pics from Jeff sometime this week and should also have pics of the parts i'm having sent to CorsportUSA.

WHAT I DID TO THE K20a3 :wow: yes...thats 3.. i count...3 holes in my block

BEFORE THE INSTALL - K24a1 Block and K20a2 Head + supporting stuff

CorSportUSA FTW!

Blueprint FTW!


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took off the Housing to get the wheel trim measuements to get the correct Housing from Peakboost (replacing my 5 bolt housing with a 4 bolt to use the Peakboost Sidewinder Manifold)

UPDATE!!! THE CAR TURNED OVER! But it still needs the k24a2 base tune put in it and then i'm waiting to hear word from Jeff on whether he smoothed out the A/F, timing, etc.

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:up:Looks like u have everything under control now. Where in germany were u stationed?

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i was at Ramstein AB...its down close to France.

I was stationed there also back in 05 dont kno if u were there then or not. I actually used to help/work out by Ecker when i had free time.
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