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built boosted orange clean eg hatch IPS/fullrace equipped

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**NEW PRICE**built boosted orange clean eg hatch IPS/fullrace equipped

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This thing is a beauty.. Good luck on the sale man....
thanks. a part of me don't wanna sell it but gotta make some sacrifices to move with the future, right?
I mean yeah but damn.... You don't have a lamb, first born, ex-wife, etc???? :silly:
haha lol yeah some people's situation is more hectic then mine but i'm still young and in college and and first few years i messed around too much but now i'm more dedicated.
I know exactly what you mean. But still.. I made that mistake once. Regretted it. I wont make that mistake again.... If it isn't a financial burden, I say keep it.
Ahh ok... Well school is the priority no doubt..... At least you have come this far with it. Many give up. Well good luck with whatever happens..
Part it out.. :eek:
It's okay... Don't mind that...
1 - 6 of 140 Posts