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Up for sale $3k obo is a complete built longblock. Less than 7,000 miles on motor.

1994 LS block bored to 81.5mm
Crank was polished while at the machine shop
New Honda main/rod bearings
New bottom and top end gaskets
New valve stem seals
New Timing belt
New OBD1 GSR Distributor
New Starter
New Alternator
New ITR waterpump
New ITR oilpump
Forged Eagle Rods
Forged JE Pistons at 11.8-1CR
Genuine Civic Type-R N1 crank pulley

Mildly Ported GSR (b18c1) Cylinder Head
Buddy Club P1 double valve springs
Buddy Club P1 nitride coated titanium Retainers
Skunk2 Stage 2 Camshafts
JDM 345cc H22a injectors, cleaned/tested by RC engineering
Blox intake manifold
GSR throttle body
Golden Eagle LSVTEC kit installed
B+M Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Injector resistor box
OBD1 P28 ECU, chipped with ECTune, 8400 rpm redline, 5800 vtec.
JDM ITR 2.5" Header with heatwrap and silicon coating

The motor is very strong and recently passed a leakdown test at 96% on all 4 cylinders. It put down 200whp and 145wtq at Xenocron, pm me with offers or questions. Oil changed about every 1500 miles, babied when driven.

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Well I've seen stock ITR longblocks go for $3k+ so I think my price is more than fair, already received a few semi serious offers around $2500 on other forums. I know the economy is slow though and selling anything worth more than a grand these days is tough.
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