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So I've had the Hondata reflash for about 17k miles now, 20k miles on my car. So far so good. Engine runs well, puts down good whp, can runs strong numbers in the 1/4, gets 34+mpg on the highway. However, I've had one horrible misshift in my car and I drive it hard, and with all these Hondata extended redline-related nightmares floating around in the EP3 community, I've been getting pretty apprehensive. The last thing I need right now is to have my motor blow up.

I might want to continue modding the A3 (S/C) but I want to know how to make it withstand the higher revs. Will the upgraded valve springs and retainers being mentioned in the other threads be adequate? Should I take any other precautions? Is the block OK with these revs?

I'm trying to weigh my options: A2 swap or A2 headswap or A3 w/ JRSC race kit, and trying to decide whether it is wiser for me to stick to the A3. I have 3 criterion: performance, reliability, liquidity.

My car is a my daily driver for a 70+ mile commute, so I need reliability. I'm an enthusiast so good power is a must (the 165 whp isn't cutting it anymore ) Thirdly, I'd like to retain as much liquidity as possible in the car. It is very hard to sell a modified vehicle and if something came up (or drove by ) that forced me to sell my car, I'd want to get back as much as possible, meaning returning it to stock.

I realize that just swapping in a K20a2 would be the most "reliable" option, BUT destroys resale value. Not to mention all sorts of insurance related headaches of having a motor other than the one that came with your car.

I'm not really sure how the A2 headswap would stack up with those 3 criterion, but I am sure that it isn't a good value for the money unless you can do the work yourself and get the head for a steal. This mod isn't too liquid either.

An A3 that's S/C'ed would be the most liquid, put out good numbers, but reliability is questionable at best with the extended revs.

So what would you guys advise?
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