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Buddy Club N+

Perfect for street use, the Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers are a complete height and damper adjustable suspension kit which is cost effective and well rounded for budget minded weekend club racers.

With optional urethane isolated aluminium upper mount design, engineered spring rates, 15 level damper adjustability and ride height adjustment capabilities, the Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers can accommodate any driver’s preferences.
  • Ride-Height Adjustable
  • Level Adjustment
  • Mono-Tube Type Shell Case
  • Exclusive Buddy Club Springs

Buddy Club RSD

Buddy Club Racing Spec Dampers are the perfect complete suspension kit with resemblance of P1 racing damper’s excellent designs while it is de-tuned for street – circuit use. However, the car specific pillow-ball upper mount design, proper spring rate, 15 level damper adjustment, and height adjustment capabilities accommodates driver’s requests.

Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Kits are a high performance sports suspension kit designed by engineers using a vast quantity of data that Buddy Club has accumulated in the past 15 years using its high performance aluminum damper (ie. spec 30.1 Racing Damper) on various racing cars and tuned cars, focused more on the proper damper size, spring rate, dampening, stroke length for customer’s use in winding roads and race tracks.

  • 15 Level Adjustment
  • Single tube type shell case
  • Specialised Pillow-Upper Mount

Buddy Club Racing Spec Camshafts

  • SPEC I – Designed for Street Use
  • SPEC II – Designed for Street Use and Competition
  • SPEC III – Designed for Pure Competition (specifically for high Rev. and high power engine)
  • SPEC III+ – Designed for Street Use
  • SPEC IV – Designed for Street Use and Competition
  • SEPC V – Designed for Pure Competition (Requires Upgraded Valves, Springs and Retainers)
Buddy Club Seats - Racing Spec

The Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat is an ultra light weight seat designed from years of experience, challenging the limits of lateral support. From the experience of all Nippon Super Endurance Races, comes the birth of the Buddy Club Racing Spec Bucket Seat.


  • Proper support and tight fit for competition
  • Super rigid and lightweight design, barely approximately 5Kg
  • Comes in RED/GRAY, and BLACK/GRAY
  • Regular or Wide Widths

List what you want in terms of Buddy Club Parts and we will hook it up :)

How to order?: Call us at the number below

Call 1-800-959-0145 toll free and mention the sale
**Master Card, Visa, Discover, AMEX** OR PM US!!!!!!!
EMAIL: [email protected]
WE ALSO USE AIM: THMotorsportscom

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I just put a set of the RSD on my DC5 and absolutely love them, best coilover I've ever ridden on. I love them so much I want a set for my integra. How much would they be for a 95 LS 4dr?

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How much for the buddy club racing spec dampers for 92 civic hatchback
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