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Buddy Club Cams on a K24 turbo setup

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Hi guys

i am in the process of piecing together a Sleeved K24 block and a K20 head for a turbo project. im looking for about 350-400whp daily driven and with a 2 stage boost control unit the ability to go up to about 600-700whp or so WHP for on the track. + some circuit racing in between

The specs so far:
k24 block which has been sleeved and bored out to 89mm
Forged rods
9:1 pistons
K20a2 head, ported by port flow
1mm over sized flat faced valves on the intake? (might be the other way round)
.5mm over sized flat faced valves on the exhaust
Dual valve springs
titanium retainer

havent decided on a turbo kit as yet but am looking at either peekboost or full race, and the turbo will either be a 3582 or a 4088 depending on how i feel on the day. I would prefer a single scroll manifold, so is they any Borg warner ones that would work?

Right now to the question

i have the ability to get the following for a very very good price, and what i was wanting to know is, would these cams work alright in an FI setup or am i better to just stick with stock cams?

INLET (@1mm) Duration-297° Lift-12.4mm Timing - Opening - INLET 26° BTDC Closing - 50° ABDC
EXHAUST (@1mm) Duration-293° Lift-11.8mm Timing - Opening -EXHAUST 49° BBDC Closing - 21° ATDC

any help would be much apreciated
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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